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For those of you out there who have seen the offline land of opportunity, here is a tip for is worth a few hundred to a few thousand per month to you if you put a few hours of time into it.


That's right, those running for school board, county council, county executive, delegates, etc. They ALL need online activity and MANY of them don't have anything going on! I just did a quick search for a few people who are running for offices in my neck of the woods and of 4 I searched, only two even had facebook profiles, and NONE had fan pages or Twitter accounts (there are one of my specialities, your area of expertise may differ, but if you can get them traction, offer your services!)

So, I sent out a few emails. Got two phone calls back. One is sending me a check to set up a Facebook fanpage, and the other is letting me run her Twitter account. I got one email from a prominent politician who asked if I would manage their Twitter account for free...while this may not seem like an opportunity for some, the fact is, this person is VERY influential, so if I am going to do free work, I am going to do it for someone whose word of mouth advertising can really get me some traction.

If you are looking to pick up some clients, search for those running in local some research about what kind of online marketing efforts they are utilizing...then, contact with how you can help them with your services. If you offer some research and insight into what their COMPETITION is doing, you will get some bites for sure. Politicians are VERY competitive and if they think someone has the edge on them, and you can help them get it back, you are in the door. This ALSO can open up a niche specialty for savvy marketers. Writing press releases, articles, managing Twitter and Facebook, SEO, website design, etc.

Go for it and post you results!!!

Mac the Knife
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    Often politicians want you to work for them just for the exposure you'll get out of the "deal" (i.e. free). That comes from the "I'm-the-center-of-the-universe" complex that so many seem to have.

    At least that's been my experience.
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    Great Tip. Thanks for sharing.

    On the old forum there was a 'wso' run on this very subject. He claimed to be earning $10k per month by providing his services to local politicians.

    There is so much scope for local politicians to take advantage of online marketing in their campaigns.

    There is widespread belief that BaraCk Obama won the election on the back of his online campaigns. That is a great example to use when offering your services.

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    Kelly, I am getting paying clients. Sure some will want the free services, but since I just sent a few emails and already collected money, well, let' just say a few hundred dollars for less than an hours worth of marketing isn't too bad.

    Mac the Knife
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    Excellent post... never even thought of it.
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    What a great idea!
    I never would've thought of that one.

    Good point about Obama, he had quite a presence online!

    Thanks for the tips
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    1) Political campaigns are notorious for not paying for services.

    2) There are armies of political science students in every local university itching to be the next Mia Cambronero who will work for free as interns.

    I am presently running a campaign as chairperson for a congressional race. If my candidate wins, I will likely become Chief of Staff in DC. This isn't my first trip to the rodeo as a political consultant, having crafted the entire media marketing strategy for multiple candidates and issue based campaigns for 20 years.

    Trust me, this isn't a field that anyone should just venture into without some understanding and experience. Unless you know how party politics work, etc... you can get into hot water with a whole lot of people really quickly... up to and including the Board of Elections and Secretary of State for your state. A simple slipup in disclosures and campaign reporting can create massive liabilities.

    If you think affiliate marketing is competitive, venture into political media marketing.

    Not saying that you shouldn't at all... but just beware and you'd better understand the real game on the front end... and it's not just posting some schmucky tweets and putting up facebook fan pages.
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    Thanks so much for this. I really appreciate this.

    We are going into elections/campaign era here in Nigeria and this will be very useful
    for me and my team.
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