Autoblogs, Can They Make Money?

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I have built and dabbled with a few auto blog plugins and ideas but never really been that successful with getting anything far off the ground (often lost interest!).... But I was just interested in others experience with auto blogs (incl stuff like reviewazon) and what tips Warriors have?....

I have had more success using some autoblog plugins along with equal amount of original content.

Looking forward to your anywers...
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    hey autoblogs makes alot of can try those. Grab some useful plugins which contribute to your autoblog.
    I have some of the autoblogs running and i am making alot of money through them therefore i would highly suggest that you should go for it.
    Start from one and slowly you can increase and start making money!

    best of luck!
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      You dont have to use them to directly make you money either.

      Imagine if you had 1 main website which has all unique content with say 100 related autoblogs running in the background spread out over a bunch of servers.

      Think of the ranking power you could have...
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        Thanks guys, I didn't start this thread to get ideas, was just interested..... But now I am getting ideas
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    Yes, they can. In fact, I run several successful autoblogs. However, you can not just set it and forget it. Usually you have to do backlinking, extra seo optimization and treat it like a real site to get the fruits.
    Time of thinking is over.
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    Setting up an auto blog is easy, main problem is , like any other site, to drive traffic to them.

    Having 1000's of rss feeded post means nothing, if you dont do link building and seo like for any other site you get no traffic.

    Posted at the same time with ^^ post, says same thing
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    Yes, they can, but Google is against them: if they catch you they will be deindexed. Be careful and don't exaggerate.

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    As a successful internet marketer for the past 12 years, I'm always looking to test new ideas, so I set one up at:
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    ... last year.

    I think the strategy has some merit (or can be incorporated into a larger strategy). However, the "auto" nature of it didn't provide as much of an "edge" as I thought it would, as I found the unique content that I wrote got ranked-- whereas the piped in content generally didn't stay indexed.

    In the end, I felt that there are more profitable ventures to focus on. Maybe because the niche I did this autoblog in doesn't compliment the other niches I'm in? So-- I may revisit the autoblog idea at a later date. We'll see.

    - Adam.

    P.S. I turned the autoblog feature off about a month ago.
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