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I saw the post about the possibilty of a meet in Scotland and he mentioned The London Lunch Club???????.

I would be interested in a meeting as such, I think that could be one of the most valuable ways of spending time regarding IM Business (apart from the WF Site of course)

I await your comments

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    Since Martin Avis appears not to be around, I'll post the link.

    The Internet Marketers' London Lunch Announcement List

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    We meet just last week and it was great. About 30 of us in a lovely London hotel talking everything web based... nice people

    Look forward to the next one

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    is this meeting suitable for newbies?

    I'd love to rub shoulders with someone who knows what they are doing

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    From the pictures, it looks like a really nice venue! and a nice day out
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      The London Lunch has been running now for about three years - with meetings every 2-3 months.

      The website - The Internet Marketers' London Lunch Announcement List is the place to go - it is a lighthearted explanation of what the lunch is about, and an opportunity to sign up for the announcement list. I don't send anything to that list other than messages about forthcoming London Lunches. No ads, no spam.

      Last Friday we moved to a new venue - a very nice hotel in Central London - just a few minutes away from Charing Cross and Embankment underground stations. The new place gives us several advantages - excellent food and service, a better opportunity for mingling and networking and plenty of room for expanding the numbers. Up to now we have been fairly limited to 25-30 people, but now we can easily accommodate up to 50.

      As to suitability for 'newbies' (although I hate that word), the answer is yes.

      From the beginning, the idea behind the London Lunch has been that complete beginners and seasoned Internet millionaires (and everyone in between) can mix and benefit from each other. After all, Internet beginners often have experience in other areas that can prove enlightening and useful to the online experts, and vice versa.

      We do get a very wide spread of people with very different levels of experience and the lunches have always been the better for that.

      People come from far and wide to descend on London. Just this last time we have a guy from Northumberland and a lady from North Wales. In the past we have had people flying in from Holland, France, Luxemburg, Dublin and Cyprus as well as all points east, west, north and south if the UK. It's a London Lunch, but it isn't just for Londoners!

      People come for a variety of reasons. Some seek specific knowledge - I know that several decent businesses have got started because of advice given at London Lunches, some seek opportunities - more JVs than I can count have been spawned, and some seek the company for a few hours of other people who speak the same language.

      But most of all people come along seeking a great day out. And judging from the feedback I receive, they find it.

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    Thanks for the information Martin.

    I'll see you at the next one.

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