Do you find Webinars useful?

by LMC
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Hey Warriors,

The quick poll can be seen above.!

If you have any suggestions on making a webinar experience the best, please share!
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    I've been on a few webinars and I think that the one I remember most are the ones that get straight to the point and not ramble on or pitch an offer or spend to much time talking about themselves. IMO

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      With, exceptions no. I don't see what's the point in most of them as the person usually has nothing new to add. Most good content can be found in books.
      That being said, if you are considering doing one, I do encourage it because it can help establish you as an authority. Plus, I'm only one person
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  • The standard of webinars varies dramatically.

    I've been to a number of excellent paid ones (especially from the likes of Lance Tamashiro, Jason Fladlien and Robert Plank), but have ended up at some free ones (and worst some paid) which are just pitches, or where the presenter doesn't know how to teach a class using this medium.

    The best ones have plenty of interaction, an opportunity to ask questions, and solid content. In other words, they're better than just a pure video because of the 'liveness'. A bit of pitch is of course acceptable with free or low ticket webinars, to support the price, so long as there's decent content and delivery with it.

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