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Hello all,

As I browse these forums I wonder, how much are people holding back.

I recently discovered a routine that is proving to be reliably profitable. It is not a solid business plan by any means, more of a hit and run tactic that produces $25-50 a day with less than 20 minutes of work.

It is a saavy, outside the box technique, and the main reason it works, I believe is because noone else has really thought to try it.

How would you advise me, would you keep it to yourself or share it as ebook or something and risk spoiling the market?

The problem is the technique can literally be explained in one sentence, I fear the idea could quickly go viral and the technique will no longer be viable...
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    I'll share my thought: most people are generally too lazy to do it anyway. That's what someone once told me. So you're better off just sharing it so that people know about name.....
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    Get yourself a war room membership with one days profit, create a WSO detailing every step and create an affiliate system so that you get 20% of everything your minions sell...

    You will make far more money, and to be truthful, most people would love to make an extra $50 each day for a small bit of work, price it at $27 or so and I can see it selling really well if it is well promoted.

    As YST states, most people will start at it but I can almost guarantee 95% will quit long before they make anything...
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    I will give you a $100 adwords coupon code if you let me in =)... I am trying to make at least $5 a day ... $50 would be great!
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