How much failure do we need in order succeed?

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I have often asked that question to myself. I thought it should have an amount of mistakes and failure before we achieve success.

Well, I still believe that but now I also believe that we can reduce this time significantly by knowing the main reason why we are not getting there. And then, attack that reason with all our efforts, without look behind!

After more then one year and with 3 sites online I'm starting to see some results with my internet business. And after all that time I sow that I couldn't concentrate myself on just one single thing at a time. Information overload was killing me!

I had to check my e-mail every few minutes, looking for a better opportunity. And after all, what I realize is that, there is no better opportunity! It is just about yourself and the amount of focus you can put in a single course or video or eBook or Guru or whatever you have decided to learn from.

I'm not shore about that but I have a feeling that this is the main reason why so many people say that is very difficult to make money online.

What I've learned is: After you find a resource or a person that you trust and feel comfortable to learn from, follow it/him until your success. It will defiantly reduce your journey to get there!

I wish you all the best!

A final important thought: Don't do it just to make money. Choose something that will provide really nice value to people. The tasks will become much more enjoyable and you will keep the energy necessary on tough times.
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    In my case, 24 years of failure... Last year my life got a bit of a positive turn around after a lot of crap and tough times, but I'm not there yet. It's hard. It's a long road to success.
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    I think it depends on the person... maybe even depends on how much they want it.
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    I am not sure we need failure as such. Perhaps negative times, or experiences that we would rather not revisit. For example a crappy job that you thought you enjoyed at the time but on reflection you would never want to go back. So perhaps we just need negative motivators?
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    What do you mean by failure?
    Most people I know usually "succeed" (e.g. prove they are smart) within 8 years of finding their calling.
    Now, you might find your calling late in life like Ray Kroc (53). But that's the pattern I've noticed in both the biographies I've read and the people I know.
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    I always went by the motto "you have to start at the bottom before you can get to the top". I am unaware about how much you have to fail, but I have failed plenty. I could have quit at anytime, but I am driven to succeed.

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    I wouldn't use the term failure. More of how many mistakes do we need to make before we succeed. Which depending on the person could be quite a bit. The next guy might only take a few.

    The key is as long as we are learning from books videos etc. Anything to enrich ourselves we will be better off for. The other key is as long as we KNOW what mistakes we have made and learn from them. Our business will always get better.

    "In order to great you first have to be good, In order to be good you have to be bad, In order to be bad you first have to try." Bob Proctor

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    IMO our success is built upon our failures. One must note that only if you learn from those failures will success be achieved. I wrote earlier about a AHA moment, I was failing and kept repeating until I learned to take what I learned and applied it.

    There is no such thing as Procrastination, Its a presupposition of Inaction, A State that doesn't exist! Procrastnation is just Ineffective Action masquerading as Inaction

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      I'm still failing because I'm constantly learning. If I wasn't, everything I did
      would be a slam's not.

      Some products sell...some flop.

      Some marketing strategies work...some don't.

      And some work for some products and not others.

      The day you stop failing is the day you stop growing.
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        I don't think that I would label trial and error attempts of anyone on a learning curve as failing. Attempting something and not experiencing instant success in it is not exactly a "failure."

        More likely, it's another step in the learning process that had to be taken in order for a person to take another step forward and reach his or her goals sooner.
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        Originally Posted by Steven Wagenheim View Post

        I'm still failing because I'm constantly learning. If I wasn't, everything I did
        would be a slam's not.

        Some products sell...some flop.

        Some marketing strategies work...some don't.

        And some work for some products and not others.

        The day you stop failing is the day you stop growing.
        I agree completely with Steven.

        You can sugar coat it and not call it failure, if you wish, but then what do you call it when you tried to something and it bombed miserably?

        In my dictionary that's called failure.

        The point that Steven is making, is that he's ALWAYS taking action, trying something new - and not everything is a runaway success!

        That's been my experience too. And I can tell you there have been far more failures than successes, but each failure leads you a little closer to the success you're looking for.

        Best way to play this game is to fail fast and often, trying every crazy idea you can think of.
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          Hi all,

          Our whole life is a learning process. With the right attitude you may be able to absorb the necessary knowledge to avoid 'failures' (I don't like this word). Every falling is a newer opportunity, it depends on us whether we take advantage of it or not.

          Without any overmistification, the essence is that stand up after all your falls and go on. Analyse the situation, find the reason why you fell and avoid the falling nearest.

          Anyway, all the necessary knowledge is accessible from the 'University of Hard Knocks'.

          All the best,

          - coming -

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          Originally Posted by JonathanBoettcher View Post

          ... And I can tell you there have been far more failures than successes, but each failure leads you a little closer to the success you're looking for...
          Edison held himself to this presumably. Maybe for us is expedient to follow him, in this too.

          All the best,

          - coming -

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    Take a look at the video by JKRowling on Ted

    JK Rowling: The fringe benefits of failure | Video on
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    • Profile picture of the author Gabriel Medeiros
      Originally Posted by JonMills View Post

      Take a look at the video by JKRowling on Ted

      JK Rowling: The fringe benefits of failure | Video on
      Very nice video!

      Thank you!
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      • Profile picture of the author Marius_Puluikis
        I wouldnt use word failure either. If you really believe what you want to achieve something and you want that badly enough, so you just go until you successful. Failures is just a lessons. That's why we are enterprenuars, not like other people, who don't take risk, who are don't willing to fail. I think a lot of successful people had failures.

        I always remember Jim Rohn's words everything is possible for those who believe but not for those who hope.

        Of Course believing is not enough. You need to feel that you gonna be successful.

        I remember when I was doing MLM business with Amway company and one very successful distributor told me that we need to fix what's going on in our mind and when we can accomplish pretty much anything.
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        • Profile picture of the author Gabriel Medeiros
          Thanks for all the replies! And thanks for the massage and the video Ken!

          I do believe that we need to fail a lot in order to succeed. But I don't see failure as a bed thing. Maybe it's true that it has a bad connotation on peoples mind but as Ken said, it is a choice. I see my mistakes (failure) as something to learn from.

          The idea of the post was to show the main thing that was holding me back from start seeing some kind of success in front of me.

          I know that much more failure will come, even thought, it is just the begging of the amount of success I want to achieve.

          The great thing is that now I can see a bit of progress and by experience, things start to happen faster after that stage.

          I hope that those who read all these posts find a way to benefit themselves with it.

          All the best!

          Gabriel GM
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  • Profile picture of the author Darren Hodgson
    Failure belongs only to those who give up. If you don't give up you've not failed you only need to revise your strategy and keep going until you suceed. Think about how many times Thomas Eddison tried to invent the light bulb or on how many doors colonal sanders knocked on before he got someone to take his recipe seriously then you'll know what it can sometimes take to suceed.

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    This is completely about perspective and choices - what you choose to
    believe and how you choose to think.

    I've been through so much in the past 5 years, and the way I think and look
    at things has completely transformed. As Steven said above, phrased differently
    he's saying that the day you quit trying is the day you stop moving forward.

    Failure can also be thought of in terms of learning, trying, testing, experimenting,
    etc. The word 'failure' has negative connotations, and it's a word that never enters
    my mind.

    You can try something, and it may not work. It's a matter of degree. It may not
    work at all, or it may work a little, or it may lead to something along a completely
    different line. You never know until you go down that path.

    So was it a failure? It can be if you want to think it was. Or it can not be if you
    choose to think of it in different terms.

    I used to be deathly afraid of making mistakes and failing. Now, I've done it so much
    it feels like an old shoe, or glove. It's an old friend. It can be a tough one because
    sometimes the lessons are hard. But it doesn't judge you, it just is. It just exists and
    shows you things with no judgement other than those you impose on your self.

    So in that sense, it is harsh yet is kind because it is totally neutral.

    It is truly a creation process because what we "choose" to create with it is completely
    up to us. Right?

    Avoid thinking in quantitative terms of failure or lack of success. That is a
    distraction and prevents your focus from being coherent - like a laser beam.

    Just DO. Continue doing the things you think are necessary to achieve the
    thing you have set in your mind. When something doesn't work the way you
    "expected," then analyze, make adjustments, and carry on.

    Here's a cool video about Michael Jordan on the subject of failing. I hope it's
    ok to post it here, and I hope you like it.

    Best regards...

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    If you ask me Gabriel, i'm not keeping count of failures. I'm interesting in how i failed rather than how many times i failed. Good to see you are doing progress,keep it up.
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    I think failure tends to be more of a indecisiveness. I decide what I want to do then change my mind or get frustrated when thigs don't go my way, then turn in a different direction. When I actually stick to my plans I get positive results.
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  • Profile picture of the author Edk
    You have to get to the point where failure as a word just isn't in your vocabulary. It's not a failure, it's just an experience on the way to where you're going. By that time you're shedding emotional involvement with things that happen. So they happen? Next?
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