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Hi Warriors,

Could anybody please suggest me better payment processing alternatives to
PayPal. I know about about 2chekout but It will be great if anybody suggest me.

Thanks a lot in advance,
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    Trialpay... hows that???
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      google checkout
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    2Checkout or PLIMUS.com are good.
    Read my incredible story: www.affiliatechamp.co.uk
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    check this
    1. Google Checkout
    2. 2Checkout
    3. E-Junkie
    4. CCNow
    5. ClickBank
    6. MoneyBookers
    7. ProPay
    8. CyberSource
    9. AlertPay
    10. iKobo
    11. webmoney
    But do first their FAQ, as they have different rules and regulations compare to PP..
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    I have tried and tested many mentioned here.
    Google Checkout is the only one that came close
    to Paypal.
    When given a choice between Paypal and another processor.
    as far as being chosen by my customers during the test period.
    Alertpay came in third.
    You've got it Made
    with the Guy in the Shades!
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    Why is paypal letting you down? If you tell us the missing feature you are looking for, maybe we can help. But definitely Google checkout is the 2nd most trusted.
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    Thank you to everybody. Actually there was a problem from PayPal in the month of February. That time we were unable to withdraw money to Bank and all transactions were getting reserved. It happened only with Indian. But now there is no any issue and everything is working fine.

    Please note that I post the thread in February. In BTW, through Google Checkout can we withdraw money to bank directly like PayPal?

    Thanks anyway,
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        Not sure if anyone mentioed paymate.com, didnt see it on the list there I think. Good alternative to paypal from what I have been hearing from IM friedns of mine
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    alertpay, ikobo and google checkout worked well with me.. =)

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    Have you considered talking to your local bank manager about starting a merchant bank account at your local branch?


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    Moneybookers! About 100 times better than PayPal any day. Paypal is not even regulated by the FSA (Financial services authority). That is how they can get away with pretty much borderline criminal activities. (plenty of scammers working inside Paypal- fact!). Unless they change drastically they could be the new Enron. I have no kind words for them and do not know anyone who does anymore.
    Also, Fastspring. They are recording a growth rate of 500% at the moment and I am not surprised as to why. Every single customer gets their own, human, dedicated account manager. Beat that! Very fast set up, top support. No real competition in that respect.
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