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I have a concept of creating a sort of "reality show" website where we reward website visitors with cash prize monthly for the best dating video. There might be a new challenge every month such as "take your girlfriend to xyz restaurant and do something..."

Currently, it's still on the seed stage. What do you think about this concept?

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    How do you plan on monetizing the site?
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    Sponsorship and advertising is certainly one way, another alternative such as selling related merchandise
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      I would probably line up sponsors, contestants, and some social network sites to view for free at the start. Generate buzz through as many entertainment sites as you can to get your core audience formed.

      Get your storyboard together to show potential sponsors. Develop application forms for contestants, and make a list of all the sites you want to contact for audience.

      Then you have: sponsors that can generate more "eyeballs," contestants that can participate in exchange for "exposure" to the public for whatever reason (probably their ego!), and most importantly a viewership that will grow exponentially when you get the word out on the internet reality show.

      Sounds like a good concept. What I like is something different. People on the internet get bored easy so this is a good thing to start.

      (don't worry about me....I have no interest in competing in this niche!)

      Hope that helps,

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    Hi Bruce, thanks for the advice, don't worry about competition, I never view things about competition. If anyone has an interest in my idea, I would be more than welcome to accept if they want collaboration.

    It's better to work together and make it strong,
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    I would start off by giving some incentive for visitors to join (e.g. maybe the first 100 people X dollars to join). After you get your initial population, give them a strong incentive to refer their friends.
    A quick thought: line up the visitor and the advertisers will come. I wouldn't be cheap with giving away incentives for visitors to join.
    I would do that in lieu of saying, distributing flyers to the local community with nothing more than an ad.
    Hope that helped.
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    Thank you for the advice Bruce and Yst, certainly this will be useful
    Is there anyone here has experiences from writing business plan, securing funding to form management team and bring this kind of company until expansion stage? I would like to talk about partnership
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