what's your favorite Twitter you?

by NickMarks 9 replies
So what's your favorite Twitter you follow?

Mine are:

Twitter / NickMarks (Of course my own

Also John has a great Twitter too.

Twitter / johnreese

What's your favorite? Anyone giving good, quick content on Twitter?
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    This guy always has his finger on the pulse:

    Twitter / jayxtreme


    Twitter / FrankBruno

    and that moffatt geezer always has sumthn obscure to share

    Bev C and John Taylor

    Bare Murkage.........

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    Well, I could be self-serving and point out how fabulous I am on Twitter...but that would be shallow and self-promotional.

    Frank Bruno just joined Twitter and seems to be picking it up really quickly. Big Mike is over there, although, ahem, you might want to look for someone named Drunken_Greek. JayXtreme the babyfaced assassin is there. Bev_Clement is over there.

    Oh god, I can't even speak English any more, it's all Twitter!

    Willie Crawford and Frank Kern and Joel Comm are over there. I follow their tweets to see how the big timers do it. oh, and I am following an interesting Twitter named Nick Marks... ;^)
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    I like:

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    i have one too.

    its Twitter / asianlunatic

    Dont spend good amount of time in there as i want, but somehow i managed to get around 500 followers or so. which is a big accomplishment for me

    i dont follow anyone in particular there. I used it to network, so dont really have anyone in particular in my mind that i can recommend
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    Looks like Twitter is down for a bit

    Nick Marks is an author, speaker and was announced as the Internet Marketer Of The Year 2007 by Russell Brunson & DotComSecrets.

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    If you're into persuasion, follow @BlairWarren

    If you want to get feedback about most important products and events in IM, follow @LynnTerry

    If you want to get in early on the coolest, ginchiest web 2.0 type stuff, follow @Ed_Dale

    If you want republican talking points interspersed with excellent marketing discussion and the occasional guru bash, follow @tonyblakelive

    If you're into the sound of crickets chirping, follow @PaulMyers

    Ok, there's a start...

    Of course, you should all be following me by now anyway, right?

    Follow @LoudMac


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    Twitter / peterdrew

    growing nicely in size thanks to The Twitter Queen Dana

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    Follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/peterdrew
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