My Offline Marketing Experiences (read this if you're looking to get into it)

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Hey all,

First thing's first: I've never been a huge 'success' online. I'm writing this post to tell you about my experiences with local business owners and why you can step in RIGHT NOW to dominate, whether you think you can or not.

Understand though that I haven't made millions of dollars or anything. I have made a few thousand before, but it was infrequent and never enough to live the dream life. You know, a check here and there from Clickbank, $50-$150, sometimes $500-$1k, but nothing consistent.

But, what led me helping offline clients was the fact that I knew how to compete online. I knew how to set up a squeeze page, get traffic, rank things in the search engines. Set up a blog, a website, and write decent copy to convert people.

Things about 95% of all affiliate marketers take advantage of and completely write off as commonplace.

But guess what?

About 99.9% of the owners of the businesses just down your street don't know ANYTHING about marketing online. NOTHING, not how to set up a squeeze page, drive traffic, or SEO. Most don't even know what "SEO" stands for. I'm dead serious.

But they DO know that they have to be online. They know their Yellow Pages ad doesn't work, and it's really expensive to keep printing fliers and to advertise on TV and the radio.

Guys (and gals), if you're reading this then you've probably been around the block with IM. You probably know all about how to get something indexed and ranked, and basics of how to drive traffic, even if you think you suck at it.

But keep in mind: most of the time, when you're marketing online, you're competing against other internet marketers- people that know what they're doing and probably do it better than you.

You're used to competing in the "make money online" industry, where everyone knows what you do. Offline, NO ONE knows what to do. So all you have to do is step in there, figure out how you can use what you know to help that business, and go for it.

There's a lot of reasons you may NOT be doing it. What's your excuse?

  • Do you think you don't know enough?
  • Are you not confident enough?
  • Do you doubt you can actually make results for that business?

You're going to keep thinking that until you step in there and see that you can blow up your local dish washer repair shop using SEO and that business owner will pay you $2k to do it.

You guys can seriously do this, it's not hard. If you doubt that, then you're obviously sitting on your ass reading this and judging it and not taking action on anything, because otherwise you'd see how little local businesses know about the internet. You'd also see how easy it is to dominate their local competition online.

Dammit you guys, businesses want what you have. You are in demand.

When you step out of your box and away from the MMO crowd - the one filled with crybabies bitching about how hard it is to make money online because they all want to be rich without really working for it - and into the real world, you're going to see how much you actually DO know and how big of a difference you can make.

I now know from experience that it's easy stuff. You hear it all the time probably, and now you're hearing it from someone on YOUR level: it's easy and you can do it.

So now that you know that, how can you get started? Go buy SEM Business Blueprint by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey. Or don't, I don't care. I'm not looking for opinions on this either, since I'm not looking to start a debate. I say SEM BB because it's what I used it to officially get going offline, and it works. There's probably other ones out there that work too.

And yeah, that's a pitch and I'll admit it. I'm not dropping affiliate links or anything, but the course kicks major ass and I'm going to be promoting it hardcore because it's helped so much. (Check that thread in the review section soon, I'll probably put something up in the next week or so)

But whatever you do, you seriously need to act now. I don't care if you think you can do this or not. You can. It's doing this exact thing that led me to what I have going on right now, and it's way bigger than any make money online ebook crap, no joke. We're talking real money, like 5-10k deals.

That's the real business world out there, so just realize how much you actually know and how much it can make a difference in the businesses even less than 1 block away from you right now.

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    I read that Steve and Tim recommends using HippoJaw to build and manage PPC campaigns.
    Hippojaw doesn't seem to be functioning properly anymore.

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