Do you use cart for selling ebooks?

by Naveed Peerzade 5 replies
Ok guys,

I know many of us have 100s of ebooks (PLR/RR) and many of you may have your own range of digital products (ebooks/scripts/software). What i would like to know

How do you sell your range of digital products? Do you prefer using shopping cart displaying all your products? If no, why? does it affect on conversion or does it help sell more products?

Lets take an example of Amazon. and other online book stores they are widely successful

I am not talking about single product launches which definitely give more conversion.

I need know specially after working on RAP and thought of displaying all products on frontend (there is an addon too)


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    I agree. Too many choices and they wander off.
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    Isn't amazon, bookstores are more complicated for users than our regular shopping cart?

    when using shopping cart, we can take them to a standalone salespage (regular minsite with no other links) for that product. But I see that with cart system we can manage and display things easily

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    It really depends on what kind of products you're selling, and how you want to sell them.

    Remember by selling one product to a page you can get a much more direct sales pitch for that product, and a better chance at converting a sale.

    Amazon is really successful because people are going to their site to buy something specific, in most cases. So the sale is already made, and Amazon is just an ordering system.

    Does this make sense?

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    Amazon is also great at recommending other products you might want, to the point where every (logged-in) visitor there sees a different version of the site.
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