Will You Press the "Buy" Button

by simbat
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If you See this Button on a Free Hosted Blog, what is your Impression ??
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    Witch "Buy Button" do you mean?? i can´t see anything. And without this i can´t answer.


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      Originally Posted by Patrick Mader View Post

      Witch "Buy Button" do you mean?? i can´t see anything. And without this i can´t answer.


      Imagine that you see "Buy This" Button under any product you can imagine, but on a free blog
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    It depends what free blog it is and why it's on a free blog and who's name is attached to it!

    Even a buy button a .info makes me wary!

    Plus especially if its for a product to learn how to make money then why on earth would they be hosting it on a free blog?

    Mark Blaze
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      Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

      How would I know that it's a free hosted blog? (Most people who are selling something from a blog would be concealing that, surely? It's easy enough to do ...).
      That exactly the first thought that came into my head...

      Most people won't even look at the address bar to notice that, and
      at the same time will most likely buy anyways even if they notice.

      Don't worry about that part. Focus on exposure.



      You should be able to cloak it somehow if you are that worried about it.

      [END EDIT]
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    As the previous posters have said, it's hard to know unless you actually see the kind of hypothetical site we're discussing.

    However, for me personally if a site is unprofessionally presented I don't trust it. To me, if a business takes pride in itself it will also take pride in its presentation online. Therefore from my position, a website is a measure of the professional pride of a business.

    If the site is rubbish, I expect the business will be too. If a site is very well polished and thoughtfully created, I expect polish and thought in everything else the business does as well.
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    I will think the owner is not powerful enough,at least his business is not mature.
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    I would see if its an affiliate link. If so, yeah; if not? Nope, I'd be outta there (if it was an IM product).

    In other niches, it probably wouldnt impact my decision very much.
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  • Profile picture of the author amandafrei

    What I see happening normally is free content with an ebook for sale.

    If that is the case, the user will buy depending on how much they trust the author of that blog.
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    I depends on the price. If it is a seven dollar ebook, I might press. However, for big ticket items I want a reputable company.
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  • Profile picture of the author Gary King
    Alexa and Jamie,

    You could tell it was a free hosted blog if it were under one of those service's domain names, e.g., blogger.com, typepad.com, wordpress.com, etc.

    To the OP, personally, I wouldn't buy.

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    Thank you All for your Impressions that makes sense
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    I know a guy that owns a basketball tips blog on wordpress and its a free host like .wordpress.com and he sells a ebook on it and hes made 2,000 in the last 3 months which is pretty good if you're asking me. I'm designing him a site atm so if he is selling that much on a free blog, imagine what he'll do with a sales letter (yes he didn't even have a sales letter!) and a professional looking site!


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    Alexa - He was selling an ebook and had a link to the order forum.


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    IF you really so low on funds, you can just buy one domain and make subdomains out of it and sell difrent products under every one of them - never use free blog. If it's an affiliate product it's ok, but not if it's your own...

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  • Profile picture of the author Marketstriker
    Usually when my expectations are not proved I skip everything. So when I visit a free blog I expect to get everything for free. That's why Buy button would be strange for me and I would ignore it. Unless blog has really valuable and useful content. In this case I admit the possibility of buying some e-book for 7-20 $.
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