Any Thoughts On What I Should Do With This Website?

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Hi Warriors. I have a Wordpress blog called The Vegetarian Vitamins Guide that now ranks #2 in Google broad search for the keyphrase: vegetarian vitamins. If you go there, you'll see that it sucks pretty bad and I've done almost nothing right to monetize it. Still, it gets around 600 visitors a day. It seems like a big waste of traffic. I stuck a big Clickbank banner block in the top right corner but it hasn't generated a single sale since I put it up a couple weeks ago.

Here are some ideas I had:

1) I could just list it on and be done with it.
2) I could try a more targeted Adsense campaign (but I doubt that'll do much).
3) I could try to sell links in the blogroll.
4) I could contact other vegetarian sites and see if they want to buy me :p
5) I could spend time developing the site into a legitimate content site with a Discussion forum, custom-written articles, an 'Ask the Doctor' type of sidebar...
... I suppose there are others but I'm a bit short of ideas and experience. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd really appreciate hearing them.


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    I'm newish, but what from what I have seen and heard is that if you monetize your site and make so much per month, If you sold it on Flippa after that it would sell for 10-12 times it's monthly revenue, I think. It might be worth working on it to the point that it's making so much per month and then list it on Flippa. (or keep it)

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    Hey thanks for the warning about the site biting", but you should really think about giving a stronger warning!

    That site is gruesome dude!

    Pretty up the site (dump that hideous template) and start collecting some emails by giving away a guide on vitamins.

    You'll have a decent list in a short amount of time which you can sell health items to on occasion.

    That's my opinion.



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      You are ranked #2 for a term that has almost 10,000 searches per month. "Vegetarian vitamin" (singular) you are only ranked #10 for, but still, that's on the first page for a phrase that has over 12,000 searches per month. You are also on the first page for vegan vitamins (though the 2nd page for the singular). Why would you not want to spend more time developing it??

      I would at least throw some adsense at the top of the page and clean it up a bit, and make it look "pretty" (as Leanne King likes to say). Then try to actually find some vegetarian vitamins to promote with an affiliate link. If nothing else you can use Amazon. There's a lot you can do with Amazon from promoting a couple of vegetarian vitamin items to building an Amazon storefront on your site that you could set up specifically for vegetarian vitamins. Someone was selling an Amazon script for that in the WSO forums recently. You can keep the book but move it down to make room for better monetary offers. They are looking for vitamins first and foremost, not meal plans. By all means try to rank higher for the singular version of vegetarian vitamin as well as the singular and plural of vegan vitamins.

      You could make the front page static and make the blog a second page with categories for the articles, vitamin reviews, or whatever. It has a lot of potential, imo. It seems like you could make some good money off that site if you put some time into it. Are you just not interested?
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    Sell vitamins!! Find a great source to purchase vegetarian vitamins and sell them! Or even better (because I'm not a fan of stocking products or drop shipping products) write (or have written) an ebook on vitamins for vegetarians and sell them that. Talk about the best vitamins, things to beware of, things to look for, what not to take in high doses, etc.
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    As your site is first page of google, immediately monetize your website adding google adsense, vitamin related product ads from click bank and amazon etc..

    Once it is monetized and making good revenue generation you can plan on selling it.. That is the way you can get very nice price.
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    I would suggest an opt-in. Offer some kind of incentive and you can e-mail market if you don't want to do a lot of work. Just an email list and promoting products through that list is the first idea that came to my mind.
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      looking at your ideas and niche i would suggest that let your website earn a bit from adsense and have a good volume of visitors then list it on flippa and sell it to 10 times your earning.
      This is the best and shortest way to earn money online.

      I hope this helps!
      10,000+ Quality PLR articles
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