Keywords for CPA offers?

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What type of keywords are better for CPA?

I have discovered great keywords with very little to no competition.There are lots of products in this health related niche to promote as an affiliate. My only concern is that the Keywords are not commercial(OCI score is rather low).So,i want to put some CPA offers in the website because i personally feel i will do fairly well with CPA Offers compared to CB products.

I need your opinions...How good are informational keywords for CPA?

Thank you guys in Advance.
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    I think you have answered your own question. If people aren't searching for that keyword, it doesn't matter how low the competition is. The question is, why do you think they are great keywords if no one is searching on them? CPA marketers are ruthless, especially in the health niches. I'm sure there is a very good reason those keywords are available. You are better off looking for long tailed keyword phrases.

    That said, if you feel strongly that they are really good keywords, that might one day become popular, you can always roll the dice. All the keyword analysis is based on past information and doesn't predict the future. You could get lucky. The benefit of low competition is that you should have to put very little effort in to rank highly for those terms. Even if it fails, you shouldn't be out a whole lot.
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