Why does my article keep dissapearing from google?

by jan roos 13 replies
Sometimes like today one of my articles gets published on EZA and shoots straight to the first page of google. I then build a few backlinks for the article and promote it a bit here and there. Then some times my article just dissapears from google, I can't find it anywhere in the first 20 pages. A few days later it will re appear on google's first or second page. Why is it doing that and will my article stick after the initial roller coaster?

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    i have had the same problem with my articles...thats just how google works....tho a thing that i have noticed is that when i have steady traffic coming to my article it will stick somewhere on the first page, and that goes for digg submissions and stuff.
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    Google is most likely comparing your content to your competitors and will make the appropriate adjustments to your rankings. This happens a lot with new content. Do not worry about it just keep doing what you're doing.
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    Yeah as has been said, it's pretty standard. Usually they'll reappear after a few days for the long haul. Although I think the google SEO game is a bit of a lottery - Sometime's you can do everything the same and get completely different results. That's just google.

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      This is typical...not much you can do about the disappearance and reappearance.

      Every day I check the obituaries. If I don't see my name there, then I know it's going to be a good day!
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        there is book by David Viney called "Get to the top on Google" which I just started reading explaining how and why this happens

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          Originally Posted by yaz8888 View Post

          there is book by David Viney called "Get to the top on Google" which I just started reading explaining how and why this happens
          Might have to read that book, Maybe this is what they mean by the google dance?

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    Yeah, I've had that happen to me, it concerned me at first too, I don't worry about it anymore, just keep on writing them, do what you do, Google will do what they do (even though no-one really knows why they do what they do most of the time)
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    I have a site optimized for a particular keyword. It took me about several weeks to get listed in the first google page. After several months, it climbed to #2. After a while it dissappeared totally from the front page, and just now when I checked it went back to #2.

    So I guess this is normal.

    Fairuz Talib
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    Hey I guess articles sleep too :-)
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      I have a few articles on the same topic and targeting the same keyword phrase, It seems like everytime one of them goes to the first page of google the other dissapear and then a few days later the other one is on top again and this one dissapears. I have had 2 articles on the first page though but not for long.

      Google must have an algorithm that senses similarity in my articles.

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    Hey Jan, I saw the rapper guy on your site :-)

    Cool man.

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    There are many Googles. There are hundreds of thousands of PCs in dozens of data centers across the world responding to your requests to "google.com". Which one responds is determined by both geography and chance via load-balanced DNS. You do your search one day and you may reach a different data center the next. These hundreds of thousands of computers are not clones, they synchronize automatically but gradually as pieces of fresh index are propogated around the world. The indexes being used to rank your site may have been different at the two data centers you reached the different times you made the same search.
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