How to Write the PERFECT Article for SEO ?

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I am kind of frustrated on trying to figure out how to write the BEST possible article for SEO.

I've decided that there are two articles one can write:

1) One for SEO purposes where the anchor text backlinks in the author bio can help the main page rank for the anchor'd terms.

2.) One for the ARTICLE to rank for many long tail terms.

For #1, I assume one should target a key-phrase or two and use this throughout the article, and use it in the anchor text in the end. This article will then rank high for the phrase, and will eventually fall down in the SERPS and the main page will eventualy rank.

For #2, I assume the best trick is to mine for your most lucrative phrases and PARTS of phrases, including adjectives and other key words. Then place all these into articles so the articles will rank for many long-tail terms.


I've heard that the advantage of #1 is that it wil lhelp your site rank in the end. Its a better long term solution. But it takes longer.

I heard that #2 allows you to get traffic quicker, but it will not last as long.

My questions are as follows:

Can you make #2 be as good as #1 if you use anchor text at the end that focuses on very specific keywords?

If you choose do go #1 - do you need to use the same terms that are in your anchor text ? Do they need to be throughout the article?


I am confusing myself here. I find this very confusing and if someone has an ebook or something on this I will gladly buy it.

PS - How long does it take for an article to reach its peak in the search engines?
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    I understand that stuff Quantikey, but I just want to learn how to do this the most efficient way. I want to my site to rank for as many keywords as possible, and I also want to capture the long tails. I just want it all, I guess.
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