I finally Made MONEY!!!!

by Eric Land 11 replies

Well anyway i just wanted to say how i finally made money off of internet marketing and i am very excited. Well here is how it happened...

Today only about a month and a half after starting my own ning social network Gamer-book some one contacted me asking if they could advertise on my site. When i herd this i was over joyed expecting them to want to only pay me 5 dollars either way i would have been happy.

So any way we got to talking and the person offered 60 dollars per month to put an advertisement on my website and they wanted to pay 3 months so i made 180 dollars today that should pay for my website for at least 6 months!

Any way i also need help they want me to link the advertisement so when someone clicks it they will go to the website.

Thank you,

- Eric

P.s. also for all you warriors who havent made money there is hope and im only 17!
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    Great story Eric Congrats on making some money, NOW go out and make some more!!

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    That's awesome, and you are only 17. Congratulations Eric.
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      yea well i still need some help making there advertisement

      I dont know how to put the link inside of a GIF if anyone can help me that woudl be great

      I am looking for ad swaps pm me if you are too!

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    • Profile picture of the author Shannon Herod
      Great job Eric.

      I did not quite understand your question though at the end of the post. You do not know how to link to their website?

      Or are you looking for some type of tracker to keep stats?

      Anyway, great job.

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  • Profile picture of the author Denise Hall
    Congrats, Eric! Making money is good, huh?

    If you still need help putting their link in the ad, PM me and I'll help you.

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    Congratulation 123 it always nice to see someone make income with their internet business show's it can be done keep up the good work.
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    Good to hear Eric. Just had a look at your site it looks awesome. Well done!!your on your way up from now.
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  • Profile picture of the author donnaabreu
    aahhh, if only I was making money online at 17

    Nice going, Eric! Now keep doing it!
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      haha yeah thats exactly what I thought donnaabreu
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    Dude that is so awesome. Look at what these little kids can do these days. Imagine if this guy sticks with it till he's 25!!!!!!! Goodness. Good job man
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