Paying $25 if someone can help me come up with a business name for my online business

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Heres some background. I sell **** on eBay, I sell a LOT of **** on eBay as of late. Back in the day, everybody said "If you sell Cameras, make your name like CameraGuy411 or something, so people feel like you know what you sell" so I did. But then my interest in selling different products grew, so I created new eBay user ID's and became "CellPhoneGuy411", and "CampingGearGuy411" and even "LinensGuy411" - you get the point (those weren't my actual names by the way), so I started to manage 12 eBay accounts, which isn't the problem with software I use. Now-a-days, its best to have it all under ONE name, and also so my eBay feedback can be in the high thousands combined. Not only that, but I need to market myself and my items in a way that makes people remember me, and create a sort of online theme in my eBay/eCommerce listings.

So, I went with the "Mafia" (specifically the early days Mafia) theme. Mostly since:
  • I love Mafia/Mob movies and stories
  • I can create this "Backdoor, Fallen off of the Truck, Hook Up kind of Special or Bargain" - which makes sense since I undercut everyone most of the time anyways.
  • Links, Texts, Graphics, and my general eBay Template and website will be easy to create.
  • I have ideas on creating short local commercials to bring traffic to my site.

Now my problem is, what the hell should I name my business? My eBay User ID and Domain Name must match.

I'd love to own since the user name looks cool and its available on eBay as MafiaDeals. However, the company that owns that domain name wants $40,000 for it. Not happening. MafiaDeals.Net is available, but I don't feel too good with the ".net" part.

I was thinking of maybe "MobDeals" but that isn't available in a .Com or .Net

If anyone could pitch me a good name for the mafia theme that is available as a dot com, I'll pitch them $25.
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