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Hi warriors,

When you refer to or hear "1st page of google", how many results do you go by?


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    I personally don't know anybody who displays 100 results at a time. I always stick with 10 results for each page. After all, if you're not in the first 10 results for a keyword, are you really going to get much traffic?
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    Yeah I've never changed the default display of 10. In fact I didn't even know how to do this until just now. I don't believe most people looking for something are going to go to the advanced search settings.

    Just my thoughts.

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      I have switched to 100.. No more hopping from one page to another for me...

      For people who don't know how to do this..

      Go to

      You'll see a "Advanced Search" option next to the text box where you type search queries...Click on that link

      In the next page you'll see lot of options that you can customize

      Look for Results per page in Need more tools section

      Change it as per your requirement and "Save"

      Hope that helps,

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