How To Increase Hubpages Score?

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Hi Guys,

Can somebody list out some ways on how to increase Hubpages Score?

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    I have no clue... I think they have some kind of algorithm... maybe a page with a ton of content
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    I found that when I only had a few Hubs, my score got higher as I added more. I also believe from experience that your score might go up once you get a few more followerds (or fans or whatever they're called). I also make sure my Hubs aren't too short (try to aim for 400 words) and include a few different modules in each Hub, images, text, RSS feeds, Amazon etc.

    Sorry I am not specific, I don't know if it directly relates but that's what I did and my Hubscore grew into the 80s despite the fact that many of my individual Hubs have a much lower score.

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    Beats me... use Squidoo instead?

    Seriously though, as Ruth P says - good quality, UNIQUE articles are a good place to start, having a large account with multiple hubs - I think your overall author score (which is seperate than your idividual hub scores) affects it, and it is also based on traffic, and popularity - if your article brings traffic from sources outside of Hubpages then you get score too.

    With all these requirements they basically want you to promote their site for them... thats why I don't really bother with them and use Squidoo, blogs, and other web2.0 properties.

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      If you're just trying to get your personal hub score up past 75 so your links are do-follow, then I would suggest leaving a few comments on some other hubs, posting in the forums, or answering questions. The more active you are in the hub community the higher your score will be.

      If you need to get your individual hub scores up, it will have to be good quality that people are willing to leave comments on, visit, and rate up. I've never had a hub drop below 50 though, so if you're just wanting backlinks I wouldn't worry too much about individual hubs, just keep creating more with good, unique content.
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    Write quality content, remember there are many other people submitting one of peice of work or the other.

    You can also use keywords on your hub and build back link to it.
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    Hi - You can try commenting in the on site forums, start backlinking your articles to increase traffic - (comment on other hubbers hubs when signed out- Using hub links as the url in the comment section)

    Also write as many hubpage articles as you possibly can. Works everytime
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    Wow. Hey guys. Thank you for your response. I've learned a lot here. I will definitely do what you guys suggested. Basically, I just need to stay active on HubPages and create more good content. Thanks again.
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      I also have a question regarding Hubpages. I started out with a new profile. Made 3 hubs all unique content and already made some backlinks to them.

      When I used hubpages about 6 months or so ago I started witht he score of 50 and went up&down. Now I started with 30 and went to 21 as soon as I posted all my hubs this doesnt look very promising but I guess its just a phase ?

      What we do in life - Echoes in eternity!

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    Original and interesting content. Good backlinks and good marketing with help you get good hubpage result. Just my two cents. Thanks.
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    I don't think you have to worry about your hub score. Just write quality hubs....
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    Spend your whole life commenting on other hubs, building more hubs, meeting Hubpages' overly-strict guidelines, and bringing a ton of traffic to SOMEONE ELSE'S website - that's how you boost your author score on Hubpages.
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