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Hi Warriors!

(I need some info, but warning: long post and rant ahead! Also, if you're in FL, you might know more about this.)

Does anyone know of any reputable online degree program? This is slightly off-topic, but since this board focuses on all things Internet/online business, I'm hoping someone can help me.

I'm about to finish my A.A. degree at my local community college and would LOVE to finish my Bachelor's degree through an online degree program. But I have a lot of concerns about going through an online degree program.

I'm particularly concerned that the school be regionally accredited and have a good reputation with employers. (I already have an A.A. degree from a small Bible college which wasn't properly accredited, so at 29, I had to start all over. Hence, I'm very gun-shy about which school I attend.)

I know that the University of Phoenix is a big player in the online degree market, but I'm not sure what their reputation is with employers. I did a search for online degree reviews, but the information I get seems scarce or skewed -- and therefore unreliable. Anybody can write a review and if it's one or two people who have a grievance with a college, it's not necessarily a representative review.

I've been unable to find a site or source that does a thorough, unbiased review of online degree programs.

I'd planned on attending Florida Atlantic University, but apparently, the campus closest to me (Jupiter, FL) will soon only be catering to science students since the Scripps Research Institute located in Jupiter near the campus. -- and FAU and SRI will be working together. Which means I have to drive to Boca Raton, which is over an hour from where I live in West Palm. (I heard this from another FAU student who got the news from a professor.)

I find this outrageous. As a state school which receives federal funding, they should be catering to all students equally throughout their territory. (Apparently, once one state school receiving federal funding locates in an area, no other state school can move in on that territory. So FAU located campuses in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast, but they DON'T offer a full menu of classes at those campuses, meaning students in counties north of their main campuses in Boca Raton and Broward county have to drive more than an hour to for most of their core classes. Arrggh!)

Also, family members who have their degrees from FAU have told me that the staff and faculty is often less than helpful. My mother has gotten the run around from them so many times and it just worries me. I really don't appreciate it when professors don't respond when I need help.

As I'm researching, I'm finding my options very limited: FAU (the only state (and therefore cheaper) school), expensive private universities, or online degree programs, most of which seem a little shady or like degree mills.

Does anyone have any information? I'm confident that a degree from FAU will be valid and respected by our local business community. I'm not sure I want to go through the hassle, but I'm running into roadblocks when it comes to alternatives.

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