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I month ago, I decided to join an affiliate program to sell some products on my blog which is going pretty well now. I choosed clickbank. I thought it is the best right now. I did all the research about it, read a number of books and when, two days ago, I decided to use it, I went there and signed up as an affiliate. But my country was not listed in their affiliates list

All of my one month research was useless.

Now I have already signed up for a number of affiliate networks as a precaution but can't decide which one to go with:confused:. What you guys think which is the best affiliate network right now, except clickbank.

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    Best One & Famous Is there is others but this I've Trying it Out & Heared that they really pays Good.

    But I didn't reach Payment yet.
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      What you think about amazon and ebay. How is their affiliate systom
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        Ali, Amazon and Ebay are both options, but like any affiliate program, you need to do some careful planning and hard work. Amazon gives you a 4% commission rate. So...if you seel something for $1, you are only getting a few pennies. BUT, if you sell $1000 items, you will get $40.

        You can either try to focus on expensive items to get the higher commissions. Or you could focus on mid priced items that are popular. Five $20 commissions are the same as one $100 commission (yay, I can do math). Just find the best keywords/products to promote and you can do well. It is better to sell a lot of cheaper items than to rarely sell something expensive. Just my two cents. Hope this helps.
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          how about paydotcom and clic2sell ? anyone have experience?
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