Branded Domain Issues?

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Hi guys,

Just want to check if it is legal to get a domain with another company's name in it. Example, if I wanted to start a review website on television sets could I get a domain name like:

or a specific model like (the model number is random just for an example)

Will I get into any legal issues if I get a domain name with their company name in it?

Thanks Much,
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    Using a trademarked name in your domain name is trademark infringement.

    Some people do it anyway, get away with it for awhile, build a business around it, and then lose a lot of business when they receive a Cease and Desist letter or the threat of legal action.

    Google the phrase "domain name trademark infringement" or something similar (without the quotes) and you'll get all kinds of info on the subject.

    My advice: don't do it.

    - Kat

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    Most affiliate programs have a policy that you cannot use their companies name in your domain name.
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    Thanks for all your replies! I'll start eliminating the trademarked domain names I have thought of!

    Thanks a lot!
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