I have $100 to spend tomorrow - advice please

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I have $100 to spend.

I'm thinking about purchasing some unique content in the weight loss nich. Maybe 10 - 500 word articles, getting a domain name and flipping the site. Is it worth it? I'm thinking I can get the articles for $5 each so that's $50.

Please advise.
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    I think you need to be careful when creating a content site to flip, they don't always make that much of a return. I think if you kept the site for a couple of months and promoted it, started earning a little income from it, then you will get a much better price for it when you sell it.

    Have a look through the sites at sitepoint and see what they are selling for. I think many people believe that they will get more for their sites than they actually will, especially for new sites.

    If you're interested in building sites to sell and make decent money, have a look through the WSOs for one by 'Azsno' about creating sites to sell, its only $7 and very good - well worth $7
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