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Not only do I get to wish my friend, homegirl, and fellow Warrior Dana_W..... a Happy Birthday......I get to piss off at least one very uptight Warrior mod--- by doing so!

That's what I call hitting the daily double!

Happy Birthday, Dana_W.......and I figure getting hit with another "bogus" infraction in your honor--- is juice worth the squeeze....Miss Twitter Diva!

Happy Birthday Girl......for real! xxx

P.S....and yeah....I'll actually call you'se today sometime too.

Love, Peace, Happiness.......Vegas Vince
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    I'll join you in some of that birthday cake. Happy Birthday Dana!!!!!!!

    Now, I'm looking high and low for the Skype BD cake and celebration emoticons. Hmmm. None here, so you'll have to take this instead:

    Kevin Riley, Kevin Riley Publishing, Osaka, Japan

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    All right Vince, I'm no moderator, but I'm giving you 3 infractions anyway!! You're skating on thin ice mister!

    Oh and happy birthday Dana W I can imagine how you feel about turning 29, I hope I never get "that old" myself though it's not too far off. Wow I used to think 25 was ancient. Time flies. Have some chocolate ice cream cake, wear a cute pointy hat, and have a good time.

    siggy taking a break...

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    Wow, am I slow, I JUST NOTICED this thread!

    You guys rock! Thank you, Vince, although now AnnoyedGirl is probably going to come to Orlando and kick my a$$. Oh great, I just told her where I am.

    Vince and I are strictly platonic! Well, I'm platonic, Vince probably isn't. When you think of it, "platonic" is probably not a word that has EVER been used to describe Vince.

    As for the mod whose chastity belt is on a little too tight...no worries, Vince, the rest of the WF loves you!

    For my birthday, I am sitting here enjoying a glass of white wine, eating chocolate cake, and reading the Warrior Forum. I'm actually going out to a real bar, with real people, on Thursday night though, so don't worry, my life isn't TOO sad.
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    Oh, chastity belts! I just got a great idea for a birthday gift for Dana Cakes are so overused in birthdays and high in calories but chastity felts are calorie free. And I'll get one of those really neat ones with a sharp point for anyone who gets too close.

    Orlando, that's a great place. Not near enough to the ocean, but I can manage. And I bet it's still warm down there. I think I'll move to Orlando

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    • Profile picture of the author Elmer Hurlstone
      Happy Birthday Dana--again!

      Bev: that was one fine-looking collection of confection.

      annoyedgirl: if you move to Orlando you can translate for Bev and Dana. There is no way I want to be there with all three of you.

      VV: you do push envelopes, don't you?

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        Happy TwitDay Dana!

        Your a youngin... lol

        Don't party too hard, or your gonna be tweetin and feedin the porcilin godess..... in the mornin.

        Frank Bruno
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    Happy Birthday Dana... (tries to fit in).

    Taking a break...
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    lol What am I going to translate?

    Oh a warrior party in Orlando sounds fun. Maybe Mickey mouse can come too.

    And chastity belts for everyone, on the house They are making a comeback in fashion, I'm just ahead of everything.

    Vince will straighten up once he gets his chastity belt on.

    siggy taking a break...

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    "Twitter Babe's Gone Wild?" Joe Francis??

    IMO Partnership. A National Insurance Marketing Alliance.

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    Annoyed Girl, you would be WAAAAY less annoyed if you lived in Orlando, and we're only an hour from some very nice ocean front!

    Hey Adam, thank you. That's not reeeeelly you in the icon picture, is it?

    Michael, I do like the Twitter babes gone wild idea. There could be a WSO in there somewhere.
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    Thanks for the Mickey Mouse themed BDay cake, Kevin, it's especially appropriate since I'm in Orlando!
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    Happy birthday, Dana! I wonder if we can find you a chastity belt with birthday candles on it? Hmmm...

    Hope you have a great one!
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    Happy Birthday Dana. Reading your posts is always interesting and you seem like a very nice person.

    Jeffery 100% :-)
    Webmaster to the Stars
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