is this good or worth nothing?

by Razorblade 9 replies
Lol! I just discovered that one of my very few articles on Ezine Articles is on page 4 of Google's SERPs for its chosen keyword.

The article is on the online money making niche, was published on September 25, 2008, and never had any kind of promotion.

Should this be cause for me to be happy? Or should I dismiss it as just a worthless piece of information?
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    Hi There,

    I guess this is good and you are lucky that you are there at page 4.

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      Its good, but its useless if no one searches for those keywords.
      Your goal should be to get all of your articles into the search

      To do this you must keyword research before you write
      and use free tools

      Then check your competition, target 100,000
      search competition or less.
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        If it's a useful keyword with some good searches, you can try to move up in google by promoting the article by linking to it from a squidoo lens, and by posting answers at yahoo answers etc. You can also submit your ezine rss feed to places like kping . com

        All this could give you cause to be happy in due course...

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          That's really good news.
          Once I noticed my article on 1st page of google. The thing I've done was optimizing it with the keywords.
          So I think the more articles optimized with long tail keywords you write the more chances for exposure on Google you have.

          Best Regards
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            Thank you, thank you all for your feedback! Now, I am feeling so excited!

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    This will get you a few visitors per day. Nothing too spectecular.

    The real secret to success with article marketing is to write 1 article per day for the next 2-5 years. The more articles the better.

    Now, some articles will get you less traffic and some will even get you more traffic.

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      You could write or outsource somebody to write 2-5 articles per day to maximize the number of quality targeted traffic that you receive.

      Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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        Hey, it's an accomplishment. Enjoy it. And the others here are right - article marketing is about consistency. Figure out a way to write and submit an article (or more) per day. But first, build a good keyword list. Use wordtracker or the Google Adwords tool and find the phrases that people search for the most in your niche. Then write articles that include those phrases and eventually a few of them will hit in the rankings. Might take a while, but think of each article as a seed you're planting. Some will grow and put food on your table. Some won't make it. It's about numbers, but it's also about using good keywords so those numbers have a much better chance of succeeding. Good luck!

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          Thank you so much for all the great responses you guys have thrown in to a complete newbie's thread.

          All these snippets of advice are golden to me and I'm sure they would help me a great deal in my article marketing efforts.

          What's best to use (free and effective) in submitting my article RSS feeds to RSS feed directories (is that what you call them?)?

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