I need 20 small recurring revenue making ideas!!!

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Hi ladies and gentlemen,

I hate my boss and my idiot co-workers. I want to leave my job and freezing cold England and our idiot politicians and move to Asia to be with my lovely lady. Isn't that a good dream! I guess many of you have the same idea. Let's share our ideas.

Basically I need 20 ideas for recurring revenue that make $100-$200 a month. I've made a start, and this is what I've come up with so far. What else have I missed? By the way I've excluded multiple products and eBooks, as I want a *really* diverse revenue stream!

1. Sell my own software products online. This has been very successful and my B2B software website makes at least $600 a month although sales are being hit hard by the downturn . To date I've almost hit $100,000 since 2002. Epic win here, and I dream of getting a new product idea.

2. Better monetise my existing sites. I get ~2000 page impressions a day with an Adsense clickthrough rate of 0.15%. Yuk. But I have found yieldbuild and I think I can increase my clickthrough rate massively. I do also have ~7 years worth of Adsense stats at my disposal and putting all my pages in different subject orientated channels was a masterstroke. One of my topics I wrote about has a clickthrough rate of 8% (and that's on a site with no ad optimisation), ha ha ha I bet you would all kill me to find out what it is!

3, Adsense revenue from hubpages. I've only been on hubpages for 3 weeks but the clickthrough rates look very interesting indeed, especially when hubpages is taking 40% of them! I have 40 hubs finished and 300 hub ideas waiting to be written, so this looks like a long term epic win, especially as I am using my Adsense business intelligence plus the pile of long tail searches I'm seeing in my Google Analytics empire.

4. eBooks. I've put my first eBook on clickbank. My eBook idea is brilliant, but I suspect to prospective purchasers it's looking like it's too good to be true so I might have a tough sell on my hands. Hmm, I might have to enlist a marketing guru's help here!

5. iStockphoto - that looks like a good place to sell some of the thousands of photos I have on my hard disk, and it might justify my purchasing a lens that cost the price of a small car lol.

6. Sell Amazon stuff through Hub pages. This is a big moneyspinner for the top 'hubbers. I've yet to make a sale but I'm targeting the larger items so it might take a while.

7. Squidoo. This site looks interesting. I might be able to spin my hubpages, although since I read The Answer I've had article ideas coming out of my brain like anything. I like the fact that the top Squid writer's effectively steal the ad revenue from the also-rans, that would suit my writing style well. Since they also use their own affiliate accounts it might be a good way to monetise eBay and Amazon friendly topics without the hassle of having my own affiliate accounts with them.

8. RegNow affiliate scheme. I've made a bit of cash selling other people's software, but to be honest 95% of shareware is total junk and the vendors are frequently cheating by using different payment processors. Unless you own a massively popular download site like shareware plaza I think this is a waste of time.

And that's as far as I've got!

I do have a few more eBook ideas, but before I write them I need more evidence that clickbank is going to fill my bank account with Rich Jerk amounts of cash.

Thanks everyone!
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    Some other business models are:

    -classifieds-type sites: think of the WSO forum as being one. Another example would be a site listing marketing-related events or etc. The idea is you are acquiring exposure and selling it onto your listers.

    -services: design service for instance. This is recurring but obviously more hands on than others.

    -membership type sites: kind of obvious. You can make use of your already written material (ebooks) and build on top of that.

    -free/paid niche community sites

    -coupon sites/freebies

    -marketplaces: connect providers with buyers... lot of opportunity here.

    -SaaS: software as a service. Put up an internet marketing manager; calendar/todos/tasks/projects for instance.

    I am sleepy so I can't think of anything else at the moment. Hope these give you some ideas...

    But if you want my input on the grand plan, I think you may be going for an over-diversification, and it would definitely in some degree lower your performance on all fronts. I'd try and maximize my returns on what I would define as my flagship products/models and diversify strategically.

    I envy your energy by the way. I had that when I was young (last year)

    - Chief Executive Philosopher

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