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Is there anyone out there who has direct experience with the Reverse Funnel System? I know that it utilizes offline marketing (paid advertising) but not much else. Also the site i went through demands $50 before going through the details and costs of the system (they say the $50 is refundable but hey....?).
Does the system really make a few thousand a week as they claim? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi I am so shock you did not get any respond.
    $50 is application fee.
    then you need to purchases $3000 GRN membership.
    and there is $297 monthly fee to be able to use RFS marketing system.

    Now does it work.
    Oh YES.
    I made some mistakes with RFS in beginning but almost 2 1/2 month ago I got what I was doing wrong.
    Since I am makings a very good living with it.
    I wish I knew what I know today last year.
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