Those of you with a list, are you emailing your list every day?

by Johnson Tay 19 replies
If not, why?

If the money really is in the list, then why ain't you emailing your list every day?

Is it because you're afraid of people getting p*ssed off and unsubscribing?

I'm on the list of most marketers, and I think it is only Dan Kennedy who emails his list every day.

And his emails aren't like pure pitches. He first gives away SOLID CONTENT before pitching at the end of his email.

I think this is a great example of email marketing, which I'll be modeling after.

Also, speaking of giving away SOLID CONTENT before pitching, I'd like to also ask why isn't everyone following the "content-then-pitch" style of email marketing?

That seems a GREAT "EXCUSE" to email your list every day WITHOUT being accused of spamming, isn't it??

Hmm... I'd love to know...

Would someone... anyone pls fill me in?

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    I don't care who the person is, if they email me every day that unsubscribe button is hit.

    Most emails are sale oriented. I do not want to be sold to every day. Quality stuff is what I want and I don't see quality every day.

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    I think if you mail everyday (with good content or not), people will start to become used to it and not bother opening them all, others WILL unsubscribe because no matter how good the content you can't make everyone happy and I'll be more inclined to unsubscribe to someone that keeps annoying me then someone who only mails once or twice a week.

    Also mailing everyday which ends with a sales pitch also tells everyone you just want their money and ppl will be turned off by that.

    I believe it's better to mix it up, some days have good content, other days throw in a sales pitch. Also if you mail everyday that means you need to put more work into getting content, when you don't need to do so.

    Just what I think though I'm not an expert in this area.
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    Maybe it's just me but I HATE being emailed every day. I'm on a few lists (that offer good content) and I just wouldn't have the time to read them all if they emailed daily.

    I unsubscribe from anyone who tries to email me more than twice a week, and no matter how good the content is I do feel like I'm being spammed if I see the same name in my inbox every day. Maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't even want an email from my best friend every day, never mind to say from a marketer I don't even know.

    There are a few marketers whose emails I always read, and they only email once or twice a week (or less). I look forward to their emails, and these are the guys I'll buy from occasionally as well.
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    On the other hand, I've had man people come to me after signing up for one of my minicourses upset that they have to wait two days between lessons. So, I now email a lesson each day and my list seems to be happier.

    That goes on for 14-days, after that, I email every few days with a combination of autoresponse tips and live updates that I believe will be useful for them.

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      The main goal is to keep them curious, and thirsty for more gold from you.

      That's why it is batter to send your emails 2 or 3 times a week is better. But, you can go with more emails. It is up to you.

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        Think there's 2 approaches here. You hit your list everyday and expect some drop off (which may be quite high) or you develope a long term relationship with your list by maybe not hitting them everyday or every week but hope to benefit over a much longer period.
        Even the 'big' IM'ers seem to do things differently - many do indeed email everyday however I'm on one of Yanik's lists and he sends out 2/3 emails a month!

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    I delete any letters, come to me on mail if letters send from people unfamiliar to me. If something is necessary to me, I shall find it itself. And to dispatch lists a e-mail, it cleanly spam and infringement of the law.
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    Emailing them everyday would probably lead to half unsubscribing after a week.

    Once or twice a month is about right in most cases although there are exceptions but overall treat them as you would want to be treated yourself.
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    I have a huge list and just wanted to add that if I were to email them every single day, a lot of people would unsubscribe from it.

    I usually email them 3 times a week. Every email that I send out has some sort of an article that I personally wrote. Because of that, sales go up.

    If I send an email that sells them something, the sales go down so it is a good idea to have some valueable content in the email.

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    Content-then-pitch can work like gangbusters. You have to get it right though.

    Here is a secret: The shorter your email is, the less mistakes you will tend to make. The longer your email is, the more room you have to lose people along the way. One more paragraph is a few more readers lost. (of course, this does not apply to sales letters, only marketing emails)

    Many marketers tend to send out pure promotions these days or links to free reports or blog posts for content instead of posting an article in an email because people come into their email inbox generally looking for sound bites, emails to answer, or otherwise something interesting. Long emails tend to bore most people.

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    The golden rule says "Do not do unto others what you do not want them to do unto you". Its as simple as that.

    If I have nothing relevant to say, I don't email my list. It builds anticipation on my readers.
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    I have to add too - I do not mind marketers who send constant promotions.

    I'll be brutally honest - I'm on lists not only to get information, but also to pick up marketing phrases, subject lines, power words and call-to-actions. You can learn a lot by studying what the most successful marketers are doing. These people are making a lot of money because while their emails might not provide 'value' on the face of it, their free products and their paid products often tend to have a lot of value.

    Many people don't look at it this way. They tend to get easily offended by promotional emails, but real marketers and true entrepreneurs will study this stuff and even pick up the products to study the marketing funnel.

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      I e-mail my list once per week with valuable content. Then I make an offer for one of my products or services. When a marketer e-mails me everyday, I will hit the unsubscribe button.

      Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    I send 6-8 messages per month to my main list. Only a couple of them will recommend they invest in something. Most are informative. I'm a big believer in building trust with your list members. You have to provide value or you'll lose them. Same as any business venture.

    I could probably send more, but I agree with the others here who say it would annoy them and push them toward unsubscribing to get emails all the time. I wouldn't like it, so I won't do it to others.

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    • Profile picture of the author jbsmith
      Problem is that most marketers lack a true understanding of what their markets want.

      Guys like David D'Angelo (aka Eben Pagen), Matt Furey, etc...send content almost daily - they hit the hot buttons, tap into the conversation that is going on inside the head of their prospects and offer a brief tip on how to address that particular issue.

      They (or their writers) know their marketplace desires, questions, interests, desires extremely well - many of them link back to an offer, but they first show 1) They understand their marketplace 2) They know what they are feeling and experiencing right now 3) They make their emails catchy and interesting with tips and helpful content 4) They are very good at mixing relevant tips and content with promotional links.

      99% of email marketers are not following this technique, instead sending mis-guided, hyped, disconnected, poorly written ads - doesn't matter if you send 1 email a day or 1 email a week, you will eventually be tuned out or unsubscribed.

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      • Profile picture of the author Sandor Verebi
        As for myself I had mixed experiences in the course of times. At the beginning I was subscribed to 63 different marketers since I was so enthusiastic.

        At that time I got cca 200-300 emails daily. And there were big names who emailed me several times a day (I recall someone who sent email me five times a day). It was so distractful and I nearly collapsed under this so I reduced the subscriptions drastically.

        Nowadays if someone push me with emails daily I delete it, this way I can spend my time more economically. For this reason I email my list with content twice a week.

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        • Profile picture of the author JohnMcCabe
          Here's an interesting take by Bob Bly, one of the highest paid copywriters around:

          How Often Should You Mail Your List | The Total Package

          In a nutshell, Bly says the optimum mailing frequency may be different for every list, and he gives a method for determing that frequency for your own lists...
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          • Profile picture of the author Sandor Verebi
            Originally Posted by JohnMcCabe View Post

            Here's an interesting take by Bob Bly, one of the highest paid copywriters around:

            How Often Should You Mail Your List | The Total Package

            In a nutshell, Bly says the optimum mailing frequency may be different for every list, and he gives a method for determing that frequency for your own lists...
            Hi John,

            I saw the site and article you linked here and find them useful. Bob Bly understands his thing.

            Thank you for your sharing.



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