Is PayPal the only mode of safe payments or there is another?

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If you're from India, then PayPal has been really a pain for now.

Check this out guys:

Paypal India restoring the negative balances, working on withdrawals to bank | Virtual Assistance For Business

I tried transferring money to my bank account on the 17th and it shows as completed. However, I got no clue why my money has not been deposited as yet in my bank account by paypal.

So, I send them a note regarding the transaction in the contact us area and I am awaiting their response.

Now I need money to make some payments to someone else I promised but hey, PayPal isn't a safe deal anymore.

I'd like to know if there is another way of getting payments wired to my Indian bank account in no time safely & cheaply.

I can't keep waiting like a mad dog for them to respond with some kind of stupid jargon. I need my money and I want it in my bank account.

Another thing, paypal is able to deduct money from our bank accounts without our knowledge. That's exactly why.. PayPal sucks.

It's not safe to deal with PayPal anymore. Lets hope for the best.
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    iv had such encounter with paypal myself. will be very intrested in the answers from you guys.

    paypal really sucks!
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    Well then have a look at this one here:

    And not a single response from PayPal to all the comments posted by paypal India users on the blog.

    How do these people work?
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