Can a list be bought?

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I am looking for travelers. People seeking to travel Europe. Can a list of mails be bought from somebody? I know this is like asking for somebody's hard work but can it be bought?
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    No is the short answer. You can purchase co-reg leads which some warriors say work for them but as I've never done this I can't say. Other than that I'd say you'll have to build your own list and/or look to JV with people already in your niche.

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      I also think that building your own list is better because you get more targeted leads to your business. I tried safelists but It didn't work for me.

      I personally bought guaranteed leads package from Getresponse. This way they deliver me targeted leads who subscribe through my ad displayed on their high traffic website.

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    Best bet is to build your own list. As people visit your site or your opt in page and like what they see then you have a real lead. These are the leads you should send out your offers to on a regular basis.
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    Of course a list can be bought (for a one time mailing)
    List can't be bought specifically but list can be rented.

    A direct mail list can be rented and with the right research you can dial in on exactly the people you want. These days you can also buy one off emailing to a larger list.

    In this case you might be interested in people who subscribe to Traveler Magazine or European Traveler, etc... You'll have to dig through but yes 100% you can buy what you need.

    Dan Kennedy used to always give wild examples like if you want a list of pig farming "little people" who play cards 3 times a week, you could get it.

    It can be had for sure.

    Try to get a rough idea.

    Kennedy is always suggesting the SRDS but I've never had the opportunity to browse one yet.

    Finally, if you can't find the list. Consider strategic advertising. Look for the places people wanting to travel to Europe are hanging out and advertise to them.

    You can also consider JV's with people in this area. Seek out the sites, contact the owners, create JV's and away you go.
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    Lists, in general, aren't for sale; however, they can be rented. There is a whole industry dedicated to this. They're called lead brokers and they will provide you with leads as tightly focused as you'd like...for a price. The more tightly focused, the higher the cost per lead.

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    I would recommend that you build your own list. You can also partner up with someone else but buying a list is not a good idea in my view.

    I look at it like this.

    If I go online and buy someone elses list, the people on that list don't know who I am.

    If I were to have a website that people can subscribe to MY list, they would be much more responsive to me and my offers.

    It is as simple as that.

    So try to get your own list of people who will know that they are signing up to your list.

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