Is Aweber Down?

by John Motson 8 replies
Is Aweber down for anyone else?

It is timing out for me (cleared cache, cookies, DNS cache).

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    I'm afraid I don't use Aweber, so I couldn't say. Is Aweber pretty standard in use throughout the industry? I got turned on early to another one (see my tag line below) as part of a bigger online management package, so I don't even know the first thing about Aweber.
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    I'm not using Aweber either but a recent WSO purchase required me to sign up to receive the product. And damn it, it's pretty slow. The confirmation message took more than half an hour to arrive in my inbox. I thought I typed my email address wrongly..

    And I also found that some Aweber confirmation now landed in my spam box rather than the inbox as what it should and always have been all the while.

    But Aweber support is still among the best.
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    There are 2 compnaies that are well recognized in the industry. and

    Emails these days are a little slower to arrive with all the security out there that most email companies enfource.

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      To answer your original question John,

      No, AWeber is not down, well not for me anyway!

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        Just logged in to ask about this, when I saw your thread. I've been having problems connecting to Aweber for the last couple of weeks - no page on the website opens. Since almost every double opt-in confirmation link goes there, this has slammed down the brakes on my IM buying spree!

        Even if I google Aweber, and click on the link, the page refuses to open. Never had any problems earlier.
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    I had problems with Aweber just this morning!!!

    I finally got through after several tries.
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      Emails these days are a little slower to arrive with all the security out there that most email companies enfource.
      As an email marketer, I'm interested in knowing the technical basis for this.



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        Technical details for general internet slowdown? I can make some fairly educated guesses, given my background in Internet Technical Consulting and recent rumblings I am aware of....

        1. I am told that at each of the big Internet backbone companies (ATT, Sprint, Verizon, etc), the US NSA maintains a "black room" wherein only NSA security personnel are allowed access, where they operate incredibly sophisticated internet monitoring servers that monitor a very high percentage of all internet traffic (email, surfing, etc). I believe my source on this and accept this as fact.

        2. There were several recent terrorist attempts to recreate 9-11 in the US (including one in late September-several weeks ago-on the west coast), attempts that never made it into the news, for whatever the reason. I can't divulge more than that, other than to say that the fallout from the most recent attempt (that I know of) in September, had it not been stopped, it would have been catastrophic.

        Thus, I strongly suspect that the NSA has stepped up its monitoring of general internet traffic and is causing at least some of the slowdown.

        There is also the more general trend among the larger email and internet servers to enforce stronger spam, anti-virus, and content filtering, etc. When a company's email server resides on the same box as their internet server that relays IP packets along the backbone, if the email server gets bogged down too much with extra filtering, then that server's internet relay/hop process in general also slows down.

        Then too you have the simple dynamics of a growing internet. The bigger it is, the more servers your IP requests are going to go through in order to get back and forth between you and your target. The more servers, the higher your chance of timing out. Likewise, if either you or your target page reside on ISP's or servers that are on the fringes of the net rather than near the backbone, you run the risk of timeouts.

        You also have a growing trend of people watching streaming video on the net (youtube and others), and these are bandwidth intensive applications/sites that slow down general internet usage and access to where your browser simply starts timing out, thinking that your target site simply isn't up.

        So between all these issues, it doesn't surprise me that people are starting to experience issues. With regards to Aweber itself, I don't have a clue. Their servers might be maxed out, they might be under Denial-of-Service attack, their link to the backbone might be timing out somehwere along their link route, it could be almost anything. Like I said in my earlier post, I use a different, very versatile, autoresponder as part of a much larger marketing management package that costs only a little bit more than Aweber each month. In the long run, it's much cheaper for me this way, and I would recommend it to anyone having troubles elsewhere, for what it's worth.

        Hope this clears up the mud a little bit....

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