Would Like to outsource my article writing but..

by kb24
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Those of you who outsource your article writing have you been getting sales from them? Don't wanns be spending this money if I know Im not going to get any sales..
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    Sorry to say, you get what you pay for.

    I had some folks from India (not to say there are no good writers in India, I am sure) who tried very hard to sound "American". I interviewed five of them. Those just could not give me what I needed even after several attempts.

    Generally, I think you can reach a new level of quality when someone charges at least $20 per article. It's like breaking through the glass ceiling.

    You might luck into a good writer who is just getting started and get a super result. My daughter is one of them. Sorry, she writes for me now, at least until she gets into the big time.

    But to directly answer your question, I don't depend much on expensive copywriters. But I don't often try to sell info products either.
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    There truly is no way to get a guarantee of earnings with any given piece of writing. Even when you do it yourself, you can't guarantee that each piece will make anything.

    Earnings are not the only benefit from articles. The SEO benefits can be helpful from backlinks and anchor text. Articles also can help to build your brand and reputation.

    Will outsourcing help you get to your goal faster than you are now? Can you be doing any other activity that gives you a higher return than what you would pay for the articles to be written?

    Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture.

    Discover how to have fabulous, engaging content with
    Fast & Easy Content Creation
    ***Especially if you don't have enough time, money, or just plain HATE writing***
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    Only when I pay a real deal writer, most people only like to pay $2 for an article -- LOL you get what you pay for...

    Write the articles first and see if that niche is responsive to them and then start paying writers
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    You do get what you pay for but $20 is a little high.

    While Tina is not cheap..... from her work I have seen, you will not find any better at any price .

    View Profile: TMG Enterprises

    And this is coming from someone who writes for other people , just stating the truth .

    Oh yeah .. I don't think you will get anyone to guarantee sales . Too many variables the writer has no control over .

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        Well I suppose it depends on why you are outsourcing your article writing. For me it was the first thing I offload to somebody else. First off it was the most time consuming activity (at least for me) and second writing is not really my thing so my writing kind of sucks to be honest. I do OK with short stuff but as a general rule I would pretty much rather do anything else if I can.

        I can more than make up the cost by getting more stuff done but even if it did not really break even I probably would still do it and try to make it up somewhere else.
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    Articles are mainly used to dive traffic and get backlinks. There too many factors involved when it comes to making a sale. You can't expect the writer to write an article that will produce a sale. You want your witer to write a great article that will bring traffic. A sale will come from how your site is setup.

    Article marketing does work. So give a try.
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    I have had good success with $5 outsourced articles. They bring a fresh,
    new approach and in five minutes I can clean an article up to sound like
    I spent an hour writing it.


    "Never make someone a priority in your life who makes you an option in theirs." Anon.
    "Some see private enterprise as a predatory target to be shot, others as a cow to be milked, but few are those who see it as a sturdy horse pulling the wagon." -- Winston Churchill

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      Almost every client I have in my Virtual Assistant business found me through the articles I have submitted online. This didn't happen overnight. I wrote and submitted articles frequently for a couple of years to reach critical mass. I tend to get three or four potential clients every week that have found me through my articles and this happens consistently.


      Magic Wand Author Services helps writers polish their manuscripts and connect to readers.

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    That really depends but most of the time the lower the price the lower quality you'll get.
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    If you are on a budget and still want to outsource you may want to consider the Philippines for writers. They do have a command of the English language. I'm not saying it's perfect by any means however you'll tend to avoid the additional 'flavors' that are added to the written tone if you catch my drift. I'm sure there are Warriors on here that will beg to differ about the Philippines, but that's another post/rant.

    The question you need to ask yourself though - are you building a brand around you - meaning are you marketing yourself with your real name attached to it or are you going after a niche market where maybe you will create a character around that topic.

    For example, if you are a fanatic about SEO and you want to be known as the SEO guy is it really appropriate to be outsourcing your content creation when you yourself have first hand knowledge and experience in that topic?

    You'll get the highest quality of content if you produce it yourself on something you have in-depth knowledge and experience on. However it's about dog training and all you've ever known how to do is train cats, then by all means seek out an experience. Just a couple different lines of thought.
    Clickbank InfoProduct website for sale: ElementsOfMemory.com. Online Memory Improvement Video Course. PM me with questions.
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    no pain no gain! Let's try it kb24! =D

    Interested in hiring Incredible EXPERIENCED Article Writers at SUPER LOW price??
    Have a look here! =)

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    Like many of the others have said, even a great article isn't always going to make a sale, without the right landing page, which of course you control.

    It can also be very hit and miss. Some of my most successful articles click wise have been the ones I have spent the least time on, and put out there just for the backlink!

    With all that said, you stand a much better chance of success with a better quality writer, and often that will cost just a little more.

    (I second the recommendation for Tina by the way!)
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    There is no way to guarantee you will get sales. Article marketing is very effective if you do it right. Do keyword research, provide value and you should have no problem getting traffic to your site. Then it all boils down to what you are offerring and do people really want it.
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