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I'm just about to set a budget aside of about $4000 to start building a properly funcitoning online business. I want to start building lists in a few niches and some CPA marketing so that Im actually building assets for my money.

How would you go about building your lists, i.e adsvertising channels (content network etc) and any other forms like banner ads.

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    There are basically two core strategies to starting a business online and getting traffic - the free strategy and the paid strategy. You can start off your business and fuel it by using totally free marketing tactics or start right off the bat with paid advertising strategies. There are pros and cons to both.

    By starting off with free marketing, you can create profits and then re-invest the profits into paid advertising to further grow your business. Network marketers will call this funded proposal. It's like a form of 'free advertising' since you are using your profits to fund your marketing campaigns, so you are not in deficit from the start.

    There is also a belief that starting off with paid advertising allows you to test quicker. With Adwords, you can test which keywords convert into opt-ins or sales, then translate that knowledge to write articles and blog posts based on the profitable keywords. You can also scale up your marketing much quicker simply by deciding how much you want to spend.

    If you want to go with the paid route, I'd advise spending a portion of your budget and split them into various marketing sources. Try out PPC, article marketing, press releases and CPA offers for a few weeks and track your results with Google Analytics. Then once you have found a strategy that is working best for you, spend the rest of your marketing budget on it.

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