I'm stuck - problem with a popup blocker

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In the past few weeks I've been having problems with some popups being blocked and can't figure out what is causing it.

It is affecting my ability to conference on elance - to upload files to the site, etc. Using firefox and have popups enabled there. Thought perhaps it might be the avg free 9.0 but can't find any way to disable a popup blocker on that or to add a site as an exception.

Running xp pro - and think the problem dates back a couple months to when I had to replace hard drive and reinstall programs.

Can anyone advise me where to look for the popup blocker culprit? I'm out of ideas!


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    Hi Kay,

    Sounds very annoying. Since you have your browser configured to allow for them, it has to be some third party app.

    Aside from AVG, do you have any other antivirus/antispyware or security software installed? Programs like Norton Security, Google and Yahoo toolbars, etc. can all have popup blockers.

    Maybe you can also try closing some of those 'watchdog' programs that may be running in the background. You can check to see what your startup programs are by going to the start button, run, and typing in msconfig. You can turn things off for testing purposes and turn them back on later. More info on the process can be googled. Here's one result:

    Remove Items from Windows XP Startup | Team Tutorials

    Hope this helps,


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    How do you know that a pop-up is being blocked? If you are getting a message, that should give you an idea what app is blocking it.

    It may require java. Do you have the java client installed?

    Lastly, it might be a page that requires activeX controls, which are disabled in Firefox. Try opening it in IE
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      Just called my tech and he's going to go through this thing. I can usually figure out minor problems but this one has me stumped. The activex might be a problem as I notice IE isn't even working now (I never use it so seldom check on it). Java is installed - no popup blocker - guess I'll just get a couple days off early next week.

      Thanks for the advice - I've been having some memory problems anyway so guess it's time for some more updating and I'll let Kevin figure it out! He's my geek person.

      I've just made him a list of everything that is not behaving as it should - he'll whip this silly puter into shape! If I try much more I may end up tossing it on the floor!

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    Yeah, a lot of those conference room apps require activeX. There is a good chance that is the problem. Hopefully it will be an easy fix.
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