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Dear fellow warriors,

I need a handful of volunteers that can quickly review 2 just updated pdf's I have written and desire to market. I'll send you free copies of the pdf's for your own use (not resale or PLR, at least not yet) if you can give me honest feedback, tips, title suggestions, suggested retail price, and/or testimonials. In return, I will include your name and url in a special editorial "thankyou" blurb at the beginning of each.

(am following directions in a recent Willie Crawford email on fast-tracking a website in order to generate emergency cash flow - thanks Willie ).

The pdf's:
1. 26 tips to getting up to 50% better gas mileage
2. Living in freedom from the grid/Energy independence in the new millenium

And also as per Willie's suggestion, one of these will be marketed with 100% affiliate payout in order to generate viral affiliate sales, and the second will be one-time-offered/bonus-offered in order to put emergency cash back into my own account. Both will also feed prospects and leads back to another site that sells related items of both hardware and informational natures.

I am pretty much open to all suggestions, hints, tips, and input.

In order to sign up,
1. Post a quick reply here
2. PM me with your preferred email address to send the pdf's to.

I will be checking my email periodically over the next to two days to follow up with people on this.

Tim Benedict
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