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Backing up the database for the blog is like backing up the html files for a static site, but I'm sure a lot of people don't think about it when they are first starting out. Actually, blogs can be quite a bit more finicky than an HTML site. Any little thing can cause a problem making your site inaccessible. So make sure that you back up your blogs database regularly. This can be done manually through phpMyAdmin from your sites cpanel.

Now what if your blog comes down and you haven't backed up the database. Well, you might be screwed...but there might be hope.

Yesterday, I decided to upgrade this really old blog. It's not one that I use a lot and is just a backend thing that I attached to an HTML site for seo reason. The version of wordpress was so old that I had to do a manual update. After the update, however, my site was inaccessible. All of the pointers were pointing to things it could no longer find. The upgrade of wordpress said it was successful, as did the upgrade of the database, but my site was stlll hosed. I forget the the error line exactly, but I copied and pasted the entire error line (other than the site specific parts) into google and there were hundreds of pages generated. Not questions or answers in forums or support sites. Everyone of them was a blog that was down. Hundreds of them.

Now to make a long story short(er) I was able to make a full recovery. I didn't know if it was going to work, but I went to my cpanel and used phpMyAdmin to back up my blog's database, which downloads to your hard drive. I then went to fantastico and deleted my blog, and then created a new one. I then went back into phpMyAdmin and restored my database. When I went back to my blog. It prompted me to update the database to go with the new version of wordpress, and it was as good as new...better actually with all the new WP features the old one was missing.

Here are links on to the steps for using phpMyAdmin to backup and restore your database.

Backing up your database with phpMyAdmin

Restoring your database using phpMyAdmin

Btw, they don't mention it, but it's important that you name the blog folder the same in the new installation of wordpress as it was in the old one, otherwise the pointers will all be off.

Long winded as it may be, I hope it helps. At least, you can't be warned too often to back up your data. have a good day.
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    There are plugins whose function is to backup the DB. Do you know if these plugins work just as well as a manual backup through phpMyAdmin?



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    Stay away from those plugins that do this .. It is a huge security risk. You are better off doing it yourself manually ...

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    Good to know, James. I haven't used the plugins and I hadn't really thought about the security aspect.

    I don't know if there are any applications to automate it through more secure channels, but phpMyAdmin is pretty easy to use.
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    Actually those plugins do work.

    I've used them and recommend them.
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      Originally Posted by Dhira View Post

      Actually those plugins do work.

      I've used them and recommend them.
      He didn't say they didn't work, he said they were a security risk.
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      Originally Posted by Dhira View Post

      Actually those plugins do work.

      I've used them and recommend them.
      I would not recommend no such thing, huge security risk... I did not say they did not work. I said they are a huge security risk and as long as you use them be prepared to possibly be hacked and more...

      Anytime you allow a 3rd party access to your database you are taking a huge risk..

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