Really learn the lessons here, specially if coming from older warriors

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This is not about money, Nope I haven't earned yet, but I feel this is something really worth mentioning.

The lesson I learned here is to observe closely and religiously the post of older warriors because sometimes there's gold in it.

What I'll be bragging about?

Well about a day ago I encountered a post about SEO. I will not tell which one cause it will remove the challenge for you to actually look for it. In the thread I've observed how a senior warrior was able to make his thing go up no. 1 in the search results.

Wanting to prove if it works I tested the principle today about 5 hours ago. I posted something (not here) in another site, I put in the keywords "Make 100 dollars in 24 hours", very competitive.

When I searched earlier I was in the first page no 7! in just about 5 hours.

Well it would have been nothing except that the search result is 8 million.

I guess the long hours spent here do pay off eh..

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