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I Have a small List of around 70 people in which around 25 are people who bought previously from me. Whenever I sell a small 7$ report to my list i get around 5-10 sales making me around 35-70$ every time.

This proves that how important list building is for a marketer. Whenever I have to pay for my hosting i promote a product to my list which makes me enough to cover my hosting fees.

Just imagine how much you can make if you had a list of 1000's or even bigger.

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    That's great, sachibhat. Listbuilding can be very profitable if you do it right. I recently began listbuilding and I'm getting now 5 subscribers a day only from twitter. You can just follow to the followers of the people with most followers in your niche. You can search for them on "Twellow" (google for it). Then you remove everyday the people who don't follow you back with this tool here: "Your Twitter Karma" (google for it). Tweet interesting things and great value to this people and sometimes tweet your site to get people subscribing to your list. I wish you a great day.

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    I agree that a list is important in any market. We own an online store, and we work vigorously on not only getting customers, but getting opt-ins as well. We know that a one-time customer is good for one sale on one day, but a subscriber is good for many sales for months to come.
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    I get about 5-10 opt-ins a day from twitter. What I really want to know is how these guys with 400,000 confirmed opt-ins got their list to that size.
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      My guess would be that initially they had small manageable lists. Now they have monstrous hard to manage lists that are more likely full of low quality leads that probably ignore most emails from them. List quality is far more important than quantity. A list of 10,000 freebie seekers can be a lot less valuable than a list or 1,000 buyers.

      But to get back to your question... after they gained notoriety in their given niches subscribes became easy to acquire via JV's, PPC advertising, etc.
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        Originally Posted by lost_coast View Post

        I get about 5-10 opt-ins a day from twitter. What I really want to know is how these guys with 400,000 confirmed opt-ins got their list to that size.
        Now I am totaly going by a vague memory, but I believe Mike Filsaime said 10,000 opt-ins less then a year old is worth more then several hundred thousand optins that are several years old.

        Now 10,000 is not so hard to do.. I built 2 lists in 2 different niches to that size over the past year with a squeeze page and ppc.


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