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Hi Guys,

I have asked this in wordpress forums, but have received no response in my quest. Perhaps this question was just so stupid they didn't want to answer!

When writing a post in wordpress (.org, the one you upload to your hosting), if you then select to "keep this post private" does that mean only people registered with your blog will see it, or does it mean that only I can see it?

All I am trying to do is hide posts from people unless they sign up/register. I am not looking to charge them anything for it, so don't need any fancy super scripts like Dlguard, I just don't want some of the information being public, and I only want those interested enough to sign up to see the content. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions to aid me in my quest?

Thanks in advance for your time.
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    The answer to your question is on page 27 of this pdf:


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      If you check "keep this post private" the post will only be visible to users of the blog.

      You can accomplish what you want to do one of two ways.

      1. You can check "keep this post private", and then have readers register as subscribers to your blog. Some people might not like the idea of allowing people to sign up as users on their blog.

      2. The quicker way is to password protect the posts, and then have people sign up for your email list. On the write a post page scroll down to the bottom, and you will see password protect this post. Create a password and the contents of the post are not visible to the public. Only those who enter the password will be able to read what you wrote.

      After you publish the post with a password, you email your list the link to the post with the password. This is probably the easiest way to get this done... Plus you are building a list.

      Everybody will be able to see the title, but not the contents. That should create curiosity, and people will start asking how to get the password. This should help increase sign ups for your list.

      Keith Goodrum
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