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Hi there fellow Warriors!

Several months ago I've come up with an idea for a product I'd like to make and start selling it afterwards. The idea was to make an automation tool to play online Flash games. It took some time, but I've managed to successfully finish it. The idea is totally unique as no other automation tool for Flash games on the market works so well. After the product was done I started to create a website - name, logo, sales system, in order to make it most convenient to browse for potential customers. I coded my own client-server authorization system and bound the sales mechanism with PayPal, so that Activation Key distribution is totally automatic after the sale is made.

Now everything is done and I'm about to move on to the next step which is - internet marketing.
I found this forum about a week ago and I'm amazed what a great community it is. Not everywhere can you see people so willing to help each other out. That's the reason why I'm writing here - I'm a programmer and I'm a newbie to internet marketing, but I see how powerful and interesting this knowledge is and I want to educate myself in that matter. I know that it's the most important part of selling the product - the package and letting people know about it.

Here you can check out my new site. Please post any opinions about it especially the constructive ones as of what you like and why and what you don't like and why. It's always difficult to have an objective point of view on your own creations:

I can't post links yet, so you'll have to fix the link yourself
www . botoholic . com

Here are my ideas for marketing:
- Create a Facebook Page that would let people join, where Activation Keys give-aways will be held every week for randomly picked fans.
- Use Twitter automation tools to get followers interested in the games my automation tool supports.
- Add "viral-link" feature to generate unique links for visitors they can send to other people and get points for every visit they referenced to. 100 visits would get you a free Activation Key.
- Use Offerpal as an alternate way of buying the product. The games are mainly freeware so it would be more convenient for people who don't want to pay with real money, but by being so-called Mechanical-Turks (name from
- Spread some ads through Google Adwords, slowly at first as I read it's important to check which keywords will be getting most traffic and then pay more to use the winning ones.

QUESTION: I've heard that it's extremely important to add an Affiliate system and find people who can promote the product on their own. Do you think that's what I should do first?

These ideas are based on what I've found out about recently on the interwebz. Please tell me what is your point of view on such tactic and how successful it may be. It would be great if you could share few tips with me. Anything really would help me start, I'm a very motivated learner.

The other thing I'm struggling with is what price to pick for Activation Key for which you can activate the automation tool for one specific game. I didn't want to make it too high concerning the matter I mentioned before that the games are free to play and also the potential group of customers is huge basing on the amounts of people playing them. I noticed many of you pick from 20$-40$ ranges for your ebooks, but I wanted to make my product relatively cheap in order to be more available to people from different parts of the world. What price would you pick from 8$-15$ range if you were to market such product? I found several competitor projects which scale their prices from 1$-7$, but their products are of much lower quality as they are hard to use and hard to setup. My product was designed to make it easy to use for people who are not tech-savvy. You just type in login/password and press START. That's all.

I'd be very grateful if you could direct me to some guides for newbies that will direct me in the proper way to successfully market my product.

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