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by TinkBD
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There have been a lot of PLR related posts recently, with discussion running the gamut from *what is it* to *where is it* to *why waste your time on it* to *what are you looking for* to *where is the good stuff* and beyond.

I've been watching with great interest... and thought that my PLR experience yesterday might be worth sharing.

I like PLR -- or at least the good stuff. I keep an eye out for PLR from a couple of specific people and if the topic is related to my niche in any way, I'll often buy it.

Yesterday, one of my favorite PLR providers and fellow Warrior, Tiffany Dow, put up a package of 7 AR messages related to Keywords. I immediately checked it out. While the niche I was interested in purchasing for IS business and Internet related, it is NOT IM and often, IM topics won't work. After perusing the Titles of the articles included. I decided that I could make them work.

Tiff was kind enough to suggest the order in which the messages should be sent. The length of the messages (which Tiff provided) ranged from about 387 to 459 words, with a grand total of 2934 for the lot. I know that the writing will be excellent, so, at $7, this is a no-brainer...

That is the backstory, now let me share my experience. ;-)

I received the 7 messages and looked them over briefly... I could see that they would work for me. I made note of the suggested presentation order since the individual messages were titled but not numbered. While I was not planning on using them as AR messages, I did want to keep track of the suggested order.

Last night I decided to get to work. I knew that I wanted to use this PLR to create a Short Report to be given to members of one of my membership sites in the next few weeks.

My basic plan was to create an intro for the report itself, and then start adding the AR messages, in order, editing and fleshing out as I went. I planned to add an introductory paragraph or two at the start of each individual message, rewrite that article in my own voice, and then offer explanations and definitions as needed -- my niche is not very internet marketing savvy and I know that Keywords would be a topic far beyond their ken.

As a basic rule, when writing for an inexperienced crowd, I plan on giving a definition for every term that is used...

I have dual monitors, so I put my document up on one and had my browser open on the other.

I wrote the report intro and then pasted the first AR message in directly. I scooted up to the top of it, wrote an intro to it and then edited my way down. I left a large gap after the first message and pasted in the second. I did this so I could tell at a glance where one begins and the other ends. ;-) When I go back today or tomorrow, to do the final edit and proof read, I'll get rid of the gaps.

As I re-wrote and edited, I looked Googled points that I felt need clarification, or checked for technical definitions, or looked for examples. Tiff had written about keyword tools, but only in a general way, so I did a search and tracked down some specific examples.

I added extensively to Tiff's original work, because my niche is different from IM and there were some important points to address that are specific to my niche.

To my amusement, during one of my related searches, I found the AR message that I was rewriting up on someone's blog -- verbatim. No problem! I just smiled. My niche is unlikely to ever see that post, and by now I have made so many changes, it would not be obvious that my report and his post come from the same original source.

At the end of 4-5 hours I had a very good short report, with little to tie it to the original sources. It went from 2934 words to 5843 words in length.

I have added enough original work that I will be able to pull from my additions and create some articles/blog posts to promote it. I also have the option to include it in a couple of upcoming projects I am currently outlining.

I have made it extremely relevant to my niche, and added important info they need that IMers would not care about.

I am excited about it, because it has become a valuable resource that will benefit my members...

For me the beauty of it all was:

1) The organization was done for me, I could just sit down and start writing

2) The information was well written. I only needed to rewrite/reorganize in my voice. There was no reason for me to correct or seriously rework

3) The information provided was useful and accurate

4) I felt that I hit the proverbial jackpot when one of the messages/posts provided a killer action outline.

All I have to do now is take an hour or two to do the final edit and proofread (have I mentioned that I am officially the World's WORST Typist?) and format for clarity, adding headers, subtopics etc.

At the end, I'll have a good 18 page report that provides genuine value for my members. I'll also have material I can pull to promote the report, my sites, and myself...

I was able to focus on the fun and easy stuff -- rewriting and research. It is MUCH faster to rewrite than to do the hard work necessary for the original creation.

Yes, it did take a time investment for me -- about 4-5 leisurely hours all told. But, it was late at night, everyone else was sleeping, it was quietly snowing outside, and Herc, my mastiff was snoring at my feet in his *office* behind my desk. I genuinely enjoyed myself!

In closing, this is what I look for in good PLR and how I make it my own...


EDITED TO ADD - Yesterday I posted another PLR strategy. Due to the Warrior Forum activity and timing, it quickly got lost. I decided to take the liberty of adding a link to it from this Post.

It covers a different PLR Strategy:

I hope y'all find it useful, too. ;-)
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  • Profile picture of the author dsmpublishing

    thats great - its nice to hear your story sometimes i feel like i am banging my head against a break wall when i suggest ways to use plr and how great plr is.

    kind regards

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  • Profile picture of the author money2k
    That is awesome. I too love plr and the possibilities of what you can do with the information/product. Plr is te fastest and least expensive way for you to get your own product out there. Great post btw...

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  • Profile picture of the author Zeus66
    That's a great example of how to use PLR! Thanks for taking the time to post it in detail. And you're right - Tiffany's one of a kind.

    Too many people get lazy and use PLR right out of the box. That's shortsighted, period. Even minimal rewriting will "unique-ify" your content enough to repurpose it effectively. Blog posts, articles, A/R series, the list goes on and on. Content will always be King, but you have to be smart about how you use (and re-use) it. Like you were in this case, Tink.

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  • Profile picture of the author SuiteJ
    What a perfect post on how to use PLR effectively. Great tip on pulling from what you added and turning them into extra articles, etc. for more promotion as well.

    Great job

    P.S. I agree that Tiffany Rocks.
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  • Profile picture of the author erinwrites
    I think that this is how a lot of PLR creators (I create PLR packs from time to time as well) wish our buyers would use the stuff we put together. I know that when I create a pack I mean it to be a starting point not an ending point...but I also know that many people will just slap it up verbatim and call it a day.

    I do like that you used this PLR mostly as inspiration. I hope your report sells well!
    I put words on the Internet.
    Silly Haikus starting at $5! PM me for details! (Because it's fun)

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  • Profile picture of the author pup
    Great post, I always use PLR as a "starting point" and change it up completely. Sometimes I draw blanks and PLR helps me put ideas together. After I've completed my revised article I always put it through 2 or 3 Article Checkers to make sure it's unique. I have found that 9 out 10 times I don't need to make any more changes but there's the times when I get lazy and it shows because I haven't spun it enough.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jeremy_Burns
    Great post and great use of this PLR content Tink,

    I create and sell a ton of PLR products and I am always trying to tell my customers how much more success they will have if they stop selling / using PLR content as it comes, and take the time to re-work it, or even re-niche it.

    When you start out with good PLR to begin with and then add to it or re-work it you really can end up with great results, as it sounds like you have.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ruth P
    This is great motivation for people to really use their PLR to its full potential rather than get lazy or even just let it sit. I am sure that you have a very valuable product, and something else I find that PLR can help me with is if I'm just plain procrastinating on a topic. It can be a really great place to just get started!
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    • Profile picture of the author KenJ
      Thanks Tink

      You have provided an excellent resource for me. I am a bit lazy with plr but this post will make me do things better.

      I have bought some of Tiffany's products and was very remiss in the way I used them. Stupid really.

      Anyway. I'm going to lift this post and make it into a WSO...... Only kidding..... that's what you could do. Just demonstrate what you have done on screen.

      Thank you again

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  • Profile picture of the author faizanutd
    Awesome post showing how to effectively use PLR content. Most people buy PLR so they do not have to do any work but they fail to realise copying-and-pasting rarely works!
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  • Profile picture of the author petelta
    Nice post Tink. I have been loving PLR lately. It's so much quicker and like you said, it's simple to have something completely original that does the trick.

    I actually have just started getting into writing PLR. It's good to see what other people want from this stuff. I'm trying to cover every aspect wanted with my PLR products.
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  • Profile picture of the author Dennis Gaskill
    A lot of people tell others to "make the plr your own" before using it, but you went a step further and showed an example of how to do it. Great job, TinkBD.

    @ John - Another way to "unique-ify" your PLR is to make up your own "unique-ify".

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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  • Profile picture of the author Peggy Baron
    Oooh, Lisa, thanks for showing people how it's done!

    It's funny, but I just purchased the same pack from Tiff last week. It was perfect for a membership site I'm putting together.

    I actually put the articles in an order I thought worked,
    added further explanation where I thought it was necessary,
    added short intros at the beginning of each article to make it flow together,
    added some additional examples,
    added screenshots to show what I was talking about,
    added some graphics,
    added a title,
    turned it into a PDF,
    and ended up with a nice report that my members will find very beneficial.

    Often times, you don't need to change the PLR (when it's well-written, for example), but you do need to add more to it.

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    • Profile picture of the author TinkBD
      Originally Posted by Peggy Baron View Post

      Oooh, Lisa, thanks for showing people how it's done!
      Hi Peggy -

      Thanks for the kind words. ;-)

      Just a clarification, I'm not Lisa or Tina... I'm Tink and I've been online as TinkBD for ages and here at WF since 2006! LOLOL

      It's funny, but I just purchased the same pack from Tiff last week. It was perfect for a membership site I'm putting together.

      It was a GREAT pack, wasn't it! ;-)

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  • Profile picture of the author Peggy Baron
    I'm sorry! I was thinking TinkerandPo, which is Lisa.

    And yes, Tiff always puts out great packs.
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    • Profile picture of the author TinkBD
      Originally Posted by Peggy Baron View Post

      I'm sorry! I was thinking TinkerandPo, which is Lisa.
      No problem. ;-) Just wanted to clarify! LOL

      And yes, Tiff always puts out great packs.
      She sure does!

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  • Profile picture of the author Emily Meeks
    PLR always provides a great starting point for me, no matter the quality.

    While GOOD PLR of course, will always be favored and make my life easier, I get ideas from even the crappiest PLR... one "product" I found didn't even have accurate information, but gave me the idea to write an article debunking that myth... it worked out for me.

    I'm always glad to hear of someone actually making USE of PLR, instead of just "passing it down". (The last PLR product I found was modified in 2004... ouch!)

    Anywho, congrats on your success!

    In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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  • Profile picture of the author JonAlfredsson
    Awesome Post! PLR truly is the fastest way to make money. You can have your content in just few hours without worrying to waste more several months in writing your own content. It is also true that not all of us are good writers - PLR's is a great help.
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  • Profile picture of the author valen42
    Hi Tink,
    Lawrence here. That was a great post... I too like to use PLRs and rework them, but finding good quality ones is difficult. I don't know of any Tiffany Dows as I am just starting out with IM. Maybe there are some members of Warriors Forum that can recommend a few good sources? I Guess it pretty much depends on the Niche, but I would like to get a better source.

    All the best and again a great post...well written.
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    • Profile picture of the author Dunder
      I use quite a lot of PLR and always take the time to modify it as I find it works better that way.

      You did a great job setting out a process for anyone to follow.
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  • Profile picture of the author Gary King
    Well organized post Tink. Thanks for sharing and pointing out that not only can PLR be a good starting place, but it can save time in other areas like organizing the presentation if it's good quality.

    All success.


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  • Profile picture of the author Ken Leatherman
    Hey Tink,

    I just ran across this post and want to send you a personal thank you for the post. I have several memberships which provide good solid PLR to my members and the one thing I preach to them is to take the article and make it their own.

    But time and time again, I find the articles uploaded to various sites verbatim. I'm going to send out a tip to my members to read your post. I'm hoping another voice reinforcing the suggestion or rewriting the PLR they receive from me will get through to a few more.

    Again thanks for a great post.

    Ken Leatherman

    The Old Geezer
    Ghost Writing Services Coming Soon

    So Check Out My WSO
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  • Profile picture of the author TiffanyLambert
    Hey Tink!

    Good for you for doing that! So many people waste PLR. When I write, I try to make it as neutral and broad as possible so that the buyer CAN put his or her own spin on it. For example, I wouldn't say XYZ product is one to avoid, because what if the PLR buyer wanted to promote that one?

    Even with specific products like my affiliate review packs, I try to keep it as broad as possible so that, let's say my affiliate reviews for Perry Marshall's Definitive Guide to AdWords - IF the buyer wanted to promote another AdWords product, they could STILL buy this pack and swap out the product names (and perhaps a couple of details).

    Anyway, great article on how you put it to use! I will point all my PLR subscribers here to read it.
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    • Profile picture of the author wordwizard
      Hi TinkBD --

      wow, you really inspired me today to get to work! Thanks for the great step-by-step too.

      And thanks to you, Tiff, for pointing us to this great resource!


      FREE Report: 5 Ways To Grow Your Affiliate Income

      Let Me Help You Sell: Sales Letters, Email Series, Pre-Sell Reports... PM me & we'll talk!
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      • Profile picture of the author BillyBee
        Wow, this really opened up my eyes to PLR!! Great post.

        I always ignored PLR because it seemed so junky to me. But now I get it.

        So here's a really dumb question: Where do I go to find good PLR for non-IM niches?
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  • Profile picture of the author artgirl
    Hi Tink:

    Wow....this is inspiring!

    This is one of the most creative ways I've seen to use PLR material. And it was well-written and fun to read.

    Kudos to you...keep up the good work!
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  • Profile picture of the author BelindaMooney
    I love Tiff's PLR. I make a nice portion of my money writing for regional parenting pubs (print) and some times I go brain dead lol. All I have to do is look at some PLR and I have the basis for a great articles. Most times it ends up looking NOTHING like the original PLR but it sparked my though process. Which works for me!!

    Professional Article Spinner - Your Results are GUARANTEED!

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  • Profile picture of the author BiancaRaven
    I love PLR products! Even though my primary income is derived from writing unique content for my clients, I try hard to provide keyword resesarched PLR packs for exactly the purposes you mentioned here.

    Sometimes my clients don't want to pay full price for new stuff, especially when they're only looking for base material to put into a report. It's great to see so many others doing well from PLR instead of letting it collect dust on a hard drive
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  • Profile picture of the author NK
    I think many people underestimates how much difference it can make by rewriting an article even just a little. Spending about 10-20 minutes to rewrite an article can really turn a PLR into something great.

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  • Profile picture of the author abelacts
    This post puts skeptics to rest. And also provides confidence in beginners on the usage of PLR. The problem with most people is they want everything on a silver platter and not willing to work. In the end, they blame everyone else but themselves. Excellent post, Tink.
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  • Profile picture of the author Passion8
    Hi Tink

    First of all, I have to say I LOVE reading your threads - you're such a wonderful story teller. I think you have to win the endorsement award for PLR! It just proves that quality PLR in the hands of a creative thinker can turn out to be fantastic and highly profitable content
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    • Profile picture of the author Yourbest
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      • Profile picture of the author TinkBD
        Originally Posted by Yourbest View Post

        yes but did you make any money on it?

        Hi Yourbest -

        Welcome to the Warrior Forum.

        You might watch out about being a bit too literal concerning this forum and its purpose:

        Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum
        Where We Talk About Making Money
        In the case of the experience and the resulting report that I discussed here...

        The report was created a part of the weekly content I provide on one of my membership sites... most of the content is provide for everybody -- free and paid-- for a limited time and thereafter is available to the Paid members for free. Free members can also purchase it at a discount...

        In addition, it is an easy way for me to provide information for my paying coaching clients... many times after one of our weekly sessions, the client is reading one of my reports, cheat sheets, or tutorials as part of the week's homework assignment.

        Later it will be moved to a small report site and sold there at a different price than the membership site.

        It will also be used along with additional info products for webinar content and curriculum for some Fixed Term membership sites...

        Depending on where it is being presented, the info product will be reformatted to match the look and focus of the related website (did I mention I am a detail oriented designer?)

        So, yes, over the long term it WILL make me money... in a number of different incarnations for a number of different nano niches and sub niches.

        Be careful not to limit yourself to selling a product to only one audience or in only one format!


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        • Profile picture of the author krcorser
          Great post! You're inspiring me to start doing something with the gigaton of PLR I have on my hard drive. :-)
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  • Profile picture of the author TimG
    Well, clearly I'm playing catch-up today with your informative postings in regards to how to use PLR properly to almost guarantee a profit. There have already been a bunch of responses in this thread and I don't want to repeat anything that was already stated but at least two things stand out to me in your post:

    1 - You purchased high quality PLR (very important if you want to really make money with PLR products). Tiffany's PLR content is nothing short of exceptional so great choice there.

    2 - After purchasing the PLR material you looked it over and developed a plan of action on how to best use the PLR content so that it could turn a profit for you at some point in time.

    Your postings on how to use PLR have been very informative and chalk full of real actionable information. Appreciate it!!!

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  • Profile picture of the author Sue McDonald
    Hi Tink

    Excellent information. I do agree most people are trying to make a quick dollar with PLR and they do not change anything in it. I bought a PLR ebook in one of my chosen niches and it was supposedly written by an "expert" and I rewrote over 50% of it and had the graphics redone.

    Will just see how it goes.
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