Buyers who pay by PayPal eCheques are scams!

by viane
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Period! I've received alot of eCheque payments and NONE of them gets through. I'm very tempted to call out those people who defrauded me. Is there a way to block payment by eCheques?
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    Hi guys

    i dont think you can block echeques though i have had problems with them myself in the past though not for a while. If someone is knew to paypal though the echeque often fails as they dont know the system.

    kind regards

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      Yes, you can choose to not accept e-checks. I can't remember exactly how I did it but there is a place on the PayPal site to do that. I'm sure there is something about it in the FAQs - I'm pretty sure that's where I found out how to stop them.

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    Don't deliver services or product until after the check clears and you receive full credit.
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      I only remember one eCheque that didn't go through. It's always been fine for me. I wouldn't be so quick to label it a scam and would maybe pay attention to some of the other leading factors to why the payments aren't going through.
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        No problem with e-checks here either.

        We have had a couple that didn't go through, but we have a list of probably 10 people that always pay with e-check. As soon as I see their name, I send the product immediately without waiting for it to clear, because their money is good.
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    Ummm... Insisting on a thing doesn't make it so, even if you insist very loudly.

    I get the occasional echeck that bounces. I get a lot more that go through. I've gotten to the point where, if someone buys from me with an echeck once and it clears, I send them the download info as soon as I see orders from them. No sense making a good customer wait for money to move when I know it's going to be there.

    As Sam pointed out, most of the bounces are just people who don't know the system. I would probably refuse echecks if I was dealing with consumer products.

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    I receive several e-Checks each month and think I have only had 2 at the most that didn't come through. Both customers contacted me and took care of it.

    Not a scam brother in my opinion, it's a way of doing business and you are the one who has the responsibility of deciding if you want to do business that way.

    And like Paul I make the delivery so my customers don't have to wait. This helps keeping this person coming back time and time again.

    Ken Leatherman

    The Old Geezer

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      I rarely have problems with customers who use e-checks. In fact, back before I was making good money online, I used them myself.

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    I'd say that only 90% of them are scams
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    Buyers who pay by eChecks are simply buyers who pay by eCheck.

    If you have a solid download delivery system in place, the buyer
    hasn't actually "bought" anything until the funds change hands.

    This CAN sometimes be a customer service hassle when people
    don't realize they paid by echeck (wrong default funding option
    set in their Paypal, insufficient balance in PayPal, etc.).

    Sometimes a buyer will open a support ticket or send an email
    because their download "failed". You explain that they'll get a
    notification as soon as "the check clears" and that it happens

    Usually not a big deal, and certainly not a scam. Possibly an
    annoying waste of time, but not a scam.

    I've never had a buyer scam me with an echeck, but I have
    had buyer's echeck payment fail and never go through
    successfully. They got nothing... sum zero.

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    I have not had a problem with eChecks either. However, I chose to disable that payment method because I'd heard of the problems, and more just because it delays things.

    But there are positive reasons for using eChecks - 1) The fee that paypal takes is a lot lower (can't remember off the top of my head) 2) Some buyers may not have the funds right that instant, and may forget about buying if they couldn't pay by eCheck.

    At the moment my business is fine with it turned off, but I may choose to accept them in future if the benefits to customers outweigh any risk to me.

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