What Kind of Content Do You Find Valuble?

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I am in the process of launching a new blog and I am at the content creation stage for it. Now the reason why I am questioning the type of content I should produce, is becuase of this. I have watched and seen many blogs come and go, and I have studied the popular ones and I have notice that they have two types of content on there blog. (I explain them below)

I have two idea's on the type of content that I want to produce. And I want to make sure that I produce the type that the people want. So, I am putting together this poll to see what type of content this marketplace is looking for.


Some things to keep in mind before you take the poll, Both types of content will have the same requirements. Things like building a list, on/off page factors for the blog and both types of content will be offered on the blog for free with no promotions. I am purely asking what type of content you find valuable.

So, image you just discovered a new blog and decided to investigate it. What type of content would you like to see?

Type 1

This type of content is things like videos, articles, pod-casts and etc. It is pre-made content. It is basically me getting on camera and teaching random things I have learned over the years. These are topics like:

  • How to do...
  • Article marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Create a pod-cast
  • Drive Traffic
  • Build a List
  • Build a Link Wheel
  • Build a Squidoo/Hub-Pages/Lens
  • Outsourcing
  • Setting Up a Automated Spy Network
  • How to stay motivated, get started
  • and etc...

Things of that matter, this type of content is all about showing how to do things. For me producing this type of content means creating a massively big blog, which then will require a lot of work. Now I don't mind working, however, I am inherently a lazy person.

In addition, I have been at this online biz thing long enough to learn that the work I do isn't directly related to how much money I make. So, let me give some pro's and con's about producing this type of content.


1. It creates a bigger site, which means I will then own more of the internet, and get more traffic. Which is the key to traffic generation, Own more of the internet.

2. More room for expanding and adding more streams of income.

3. This types of blogs rank extremely well in the search engines. Mainly because of there size and age of the blog. However, it is a nice though that once you get to that size of a site, you can just make a post on the blog and rank in a matter of hours for a highly competitive keyword.


1. It is a lot of work to create a blog of that size. And as I mention above, I am inherently lazy. So I am already questioning myself about taking on this task.

2. These types of blogs tend to always lead the visitor to info overload. Especially if the visitor is new to IM. And becuase of this, the visitor may not get the type of help they are needing to get started or whatever they may be looking to do.

These types of blogs are the shot-gun approach, product a ton of content, and whatever sticks, create more of that.

3. Ranking in the search engines isn't the end all to be all way of generating traffic, plus there are other ways to get high rankings, without having to create a massive blog.

Now, with the pros/cons out of the way, I want to further drive home the types of blogs I'm talking about. I mention above that I have done a ton of research on blog creating and types of content they create. So here are some examples of this type of blogs I'm talking about: (Massive Blogs)

1. Yaro Stark of Entrepreneurs-Journey.com

Internet Business Blog - Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

2. Lisa of 2createawebsite.com


3. Darren Rowse of Problogger.net

Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging - ProBlogger

This are three sites that have been build up over a long period of time. And are perfect examples of the type of blogs I have discussed here.

That is Type 1, here is Type 2:

Type 2

This type of content is more on the personal level. This type of content is live, one-on-one type things. These blogs don't have a ton of content on them, nor do they have very many navigation/category. However, over time they do build up content. If you go threw these blogs archives, you will see they don't make a ton of posts to there blog.

Some examples of this type of content is:

  • Webinars/Teleseminars (Without pitches at the end, just real usable content.)
  • Live streaming video like UStream & BlogTV
  • Radio Shows on BlogTalkRadio.com
  • One-on-One Q&A
  • Interview's With other Experts in this Niche
These types of content I feel creates a better relationship with the list, in addition, it is the type of content I see the major plays in this niche are producing. It is centered on live content from real people. Here are the Pro's/Con's.


1. More focused on the visitor and there needs. With less work to do for a lazy person like me. Doesn't have that info overload.

2. Easier to create and run, becuase all the content is done live.

3. I've have always heard that success is outside of your comfort zone, and doing live events will definitely push the zone. But people are people and the money is in the relationship with list, and this type of content builds a strong relationship with the list.


1. Not a very big blog with much content on it, so it will not naturally get traffic.

2. Have to do public speaking and Have to actually know what the hell I'm talking about and give a damn about each of my subscribers.

So to keep things short I'm just going to give you three examples of these types of blogs:

1. Frank Kern's Mass Control


2. Jonny Andrews

Jonny Andrews Blog - Internet Marketing Made Dangerous

3. Ed Dale - The Tubby Nerd

The Underachiever Life |

4. Jason Moffatt

Jason Moffatt

Those are the two types of content. My common sense tells me to create both, however, the types of content are at logger heads with each other, so now to the poll.

The Question:

What type of content do YOU find more valuable?
(Type 1 or Type 2)

Please choose what type of content you find valuable. *Only 1
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    Nobody, Dose anybody want any kind of content?
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      I would have to go with type one. I always like to read other peoples perspectives on how too and what not.

      Jeff mitchell

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    thanks for the responds.
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    Rock on, thanks Michael
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    I would like to support type 2........
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    Thanks Unique Content
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    i personally like type 1

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    mmm, Type 1 seems to be taking the lead?, Thanks WriterNick.
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    I'd like to support type 1
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    Thanks Jweby, We have a 50/50 split between the two types.
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    Good Points, thanks
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      I couldn't cast a vote because what I find valuable at any given time depends on what I'm doing and where my head is.

      If I'm trying to twist Wordpress around into a new shape, and I find a tutorial explaining how to do it, that's very valuable to me. At that particular point, it's type 1.

      If I'm looking for new perspectives on something, or just a different point of view, something to make me think, it's type 2. Same thing if I'm just looking for a little mental R&R, or an entertainment break.

      Either one could hold great value for me. Not much help, I guess, but the answer isn't either/or for me...
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    Not at all John, it was a ton of help, thanks very much.
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    Type one definitely.

    Spend your vacation in a log cabin in Maine!

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    Cool, Type one seems to be the winner, but I need more...Thanks for everybody
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    I chose type 1 as for me it would probably provide more useful (practical) information. Type 2 would be more advanced and not as attractive to most people. I would suggest using type 1 and selecting methods you feel comfortable with to start. You will add and change methods as you feel more comfortable using them. You will grow as your blog grows. You can start incorporating type 2 methods as you feel ready.

    To me the key to a good blog is the author's being real, sincere and informative. Use your gut instinct and just do it.
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  • I'd say it really depends on what *you* want to do.

    If you are creating a site solely for the point of making money, while not a bad idea, if you don't enjoy it, chances you are not going to go very far with it (you'll find excuses not to work on it, your heart won't really be into it, etc, etc). Furthermore, you should create a business plan (write down what you want to do/where you want to be/etc) -- a list of goals -- and what you want to accomplish with it. Don't simply make a how-to site for the sake of making a how-to site, otherwise you may quickly get burned out, especially if that is *not* what you want to do. Also, you may not realize that it is a long term investment. If you are looking to get rich quickly, funny/wierd thing is that it will take you a lot longer than if you sit down and create a plan, with a viable business model.

    While personally I like type #1, based on what *you* posted, if you are considering this type of business, I would say *you* should go with type #2. It sounds more up your alley & what you like.
    Pick a product. Pick ANY product! -> 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9
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      I'd find #1 to be more useful to me right now. In 2 years from now when I'm a more prosperous IM'er, it might be even money. And bear in mind that 90% of ANYTHING is newbies.
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    Originally Posted by InternetSuccess001 View Post

    While personally I like type #1, based on what *you* posted, if you are considering this type of business, I would say *you* should go with type #2. It sounds more up your alley & what you like.
    Thank you for all your reply's, and Larry thanks for your input. Tam, it's good to see another Austinite

    Keep Austin Wired?

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    Hey Mark (Nickolie0990), me personally bro', I'm a "Type 1" kind-of guy myself, as those are the type of websites that I'm (1) use to looking at and (2) use to building myself...
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    Cool, Thanks breakdance. I agree, most people seem to be type 1.
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    I totally depends on what you do and what you want to do to enhance your blogging and to be able to show value and interest with your audience but if you really got these big audience "seeking" your great information, Type 1 is one great model to use. Also, since I learned a lot with Yaro's strategies, using the Type 1 model to generate contents has been more effective for me now and it's so comfortable to use. It's just like creating your whole lifestyle to share with the public what the need in a package.

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Connect with me at: outsourcinglive.com/google-plus
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    Type 1 by a long way. I can study these at my own pace.
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    Best type of content is always the one the target audience is looking for!

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    I guess the best content would be your practice and what have you achieved and how you have done it.
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    @badboy_Nick as I understood that he is looking what content to write?
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    As someone mentioned above, it depends on what I need at the time.

    However, why don't you try mixing the two up? You don't have to do exactly what everyone else is doing and you would be meeting the needs of your whole target audience. Why cut out such a huge chunk of it by being inflexible and sticking yourself inside a mold others have created?
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    I think you should try both and see what works for you.

    Sometimes I'm specifically interested in Type one, and there are times when Type 2 is more along the lines of what I need.

    I Go Hard = "Slanguage" for putting forth a lot of effort.

    Don't be an arse and try to flip something you clearly have no knowledge of against me.

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  • Profile picture of the author fones
    I had the same thought when I first saw the proofed version of the article and then I remembered a great line from William Zinsser's "On Writing Well."

    Zinsser writes "'Who am I writing for?' The question that begins this chapter has irked some readers. They want me to say 'Whom am I writing for?' But I can't bring myself to say it. It's just not me."

    To me, this really sums up one of the book's main points--write as naturally as you speak: if you wouldn't say it, don't write it. I love this rule because of how personal it is. You very well may say "To whom are you speaking?", and therefore ought to write it as well.
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