does Google record all our sensitive info without our permission???

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does Google record all my sensitive data without my permission to do it?

I do know that when I signed up for Adwords account I did not give google my home address & of course my permission to send me something here.
Why I am so sure that I did not give Google house address??? because I did not insert my credit card info, as I was not going then to run Adwords campaigns. - I was just curious to see what it is & what it provides. But I never gave google my credit card & address info

So, I am 100% sure I didn't give them any info.

However, do you know what Google did?
It sent me directly into my house address its free Adwords coupon .
BUT I never gave it my home address as well as my permission to send anything.

I was puzzled!!! WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS? IT'S AGAINST MY OWN RIGHTS AT ALL - it's the least! I can say here!
because if google recorded & used my home information without my permission, then what - it also has my credit cards numbers, & all the rest sensitive information?

so, what do you think of this? :confused:
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    Anybody can send you mail to your home address anytime they want to. That's just the way it is. How they got your address and what else they have on you who knows?

    George Wright
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    Google does what google wants to! Look at google earth, can type your address in it and see exactly where you live. Google is pretty secure with their data but still.
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    This is just too silly...

    If you didn't give them your address they could only have
    obtained it from a source of public info. Unless sending mail
    through the postal service is now illegal your rights haven't
    been violated.

    There's a lot of unbelievable crap being posted around here lately...

    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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    Google sent out a promotion to certain individuals who did things like sign up for
    hosting.... etc
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      Well, Google starts with the letter 'G', followed by the letter 'O', and has four more letters in its' name.

      And the fourth letter in the alphabet is 'D'.

      So you have G - O - D


      I think not...


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    Do you have a Google AdSense account? I know I recently got a voucher...
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      Originally Posted by Mark Hess View Post

      Do you have a Google AdSense account? I know I recently got a voucher...
      The same happened to me: "$100 free Google Adwords offer for AdSense customers" - on a big red Valentine card (heart)

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    If you think its against your rights, then all junk mail is under that same law. I've gotten those from a number of different companies (such as VistaPrint, etc) so I'm not certain it would be from Google directly. But you never know. They obviously know where you live if you are listed in any search results at all. But sometimes I think we give more power to the Googs then they probably have. Oh no did they just hear me say that?!?

    ps - feel free to send me your coupon. hehe i don't mind people sending me free stuff in the mail. and you do need to enter your credit card info. to use any adwords coupons!
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      Google sent you a chance to use adwords for FREE - and you are complaining about receiving mail?

      If you want no one to know who you are and where you are - you better stay offline.

      As of today I think have received about $600 in coupons in the past month! Could it be advertising revenue is down?

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    My guess is that Google rented the mailing list of some other business that's popular with Internet marketers... maybe Godaddy, Namecheap, Hostgator, Aweber, someone like that.
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    And Donald Trump bought some similar list(s), too.

    Just got a letter from "him" - inviting me to a local (6 hrs!) seminar.
    On the envelope it says: Are you my next Apprentice?

    Just for the record: I never gave my address to Donald Trump. Ever. And I didn't sign up for any kind of account with him giving false address

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    Did you sign up for a free marketing CD/DVD?

    Every time I have, always started getting offers in the mail. (not complaining. was expected)
    Screw You, NameCheap!
    $1 Off NameSilo Domain Coupons:

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      well, I haven't Adsense account & never had.
      I haven't signed up for any free Cd/ DVD to be shipped strait to me

      yes, I have gmail & some blogger blogs - but I didn't write down my address in any of them

      Yes, I have my address in some pulic listings online - but this fact does not say that I gave Google my address personally, right? Logical, yes?

      Plus from time to time I buy some products & use my credit card - however, by this fact I also didn't permit Google to somehow record this information & use my address, right???

      But Google still sent me its promo coupon straight to my home address to make me use Adwords
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    Part of your question asked if Google was collecting your information without your permission and no they are not.

    You gave them permission when you decided to use their service as stated in their several pages of Privacy Policies and how they collect and use data.

    When any one of us uses Google or any other site on the Internet it is implied that by using the service we have consented to the policies.

    If they have it written down for you and me to read that they will gather our info and use it for marketing purposes, then we agreed to it.
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    Another possibility is that Google bought your information from another party that you did give permission to unknowingly.

    I worked in telemarketing many years ago and was selling home improvement products (windows and siding), well as you can guess, many people get upset when you call and the first thing they ask is "how did you get my information"?

    The bank sells it. The bank was selling us lists of homeowners. If you have a checking account you need to read the fine print.

    Or any other business that you have given "sensitive" information to. Part of their marketing policies are that after they have tried to sell you everything that they have and you don't buy, they sell you to a list.

    Most people don't know that when Radio Shack gets tired of sending you brochures they sell your info to a list. That is how everyone gets on a telemarketer's list.

    I know for a fact that some big marketers here online are selling and buying your (not you but the general you) information right now.

    It's all in the fine print.
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      but this is crazy!!!!! isn't it violation of my rights & the same spamming?
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        and also what do you think of
        I mean, there's a story called
        " Scroogled by Cory Doctorow " about
        how Google watches everything?

        Yes, understand that this story looks more like fantasy
        but maybe it is not fantasy???
        sorry I know it sounds paranoic, but I DO WANT TO KNOW
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          this is a quote from Google's privacy policy: "We may combine the information that you submit under your account with information from other Google services or third parties , in order to provide you with a better experience and to improve the quality of our services"

          it means that everybody agrees with this using Google's services
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  • Profile picture of the author Pete Lauder
    You are simply on a mailing list, that Google has bought.

    I spend thousands a month on Adwords, yet I still get Google mailing to me to try Google Adwords for the first time!

    Proof that big G does not tap into any underground database of secret info.

    They are just playing a numbers game, and following standard marketing principles.

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    • Profile picture of the author jfvmzcherish
      thank you, Pete Lauder

      you eased my mind a little but! thanks!
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    This is why Google won the Big Brother Award years back, lol

    Interested in hiring Incredible EXPERIENCED Article Writers at SUPER LOW price??
    Have a look here! =)

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    Originally Posted by jfvmzcherish View Post

    does Google record all my sensitive data without my permission to do it?=

    I wouldn't worry about that. Credit card companies have long been doing that already. Also, in the United States (and Canada?), laws have been adjusted so authorities may gather all sorts of information about you without having to tell you nary a word about it. So, Google isn't doing anything new.

    Project HERE.

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