ARGGH!!! How To Stop Spambots From Signing Up on Wishlist Membership Site

by ProEFI
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I have a free level of membership and I am getting hammered by free signups from spambots.

I can't get a captcha to work with Wishlist Member. Has anyone done this?

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    I think captcha is the only way to stop them, and don't know how to add it to the site but, you can always contact the script owners.

    - Sahil @ Twitter

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      I cannot get a captcha to work with the wishlist member registration form.
      I am SO FRUSTRATED. My last resort is to approve the registrations.

      Has anyone had any success with a captcha an wishlist member?
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        How are you publicizing your registration form for your free membership with WLM? Is it a direct signup on your site?

        I use WLM for many sites, both free and paid. For my free sites, I typically create a free product in my 1SC account, integrate it with WLM, and then people have to go through 1SC to get to the registration page for the WLM site. Haven't had any spam bots make it through that sequence yet (knocking on wood). This would probably work with any shopping cart that allowed a free product.

        Are you using audio and video on your website? Chances are you should be! Make it simple to create your audio & video players for your site, and protect your content.

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    Thanks Colorado Deb! Thats a good way to do it.

    I use clickbank and paypal. However I don't think I can offer a $zero dollar product using either one.
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    We've also had the same issue with Wishlist Member on FREE sites, but with hackers! There's no way to stop this other than a full-integration solution like Colorado Deb mentioned. However, we've had success with putting the Registration Plus plugin on the front-end while keeping WLM on the back-end. The RP plugin is no longer being developed from what we can tell, but it'll work with 2.9.2.

    Leon McKee

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    I've been assured that WishList Member is going to address this issue soon

    Leon McKee
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    aMember Pro

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