Have You Ever Missed An Awesome Opportunity to Make Money?

by King Shiloh Banned
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Yes, I have heard about sayings like the following:
"Opportunity comes but once" - I don't know if this is true in other countries but it is very true in Nigeria where the rich and strong don't want the poor and weak to even raise their head.

"The second chance" - I think and also believe that one could even have more than a second chance to make amends but it is rare.

Sometime ago, I missed an opportunity to buy a very fine pair of trousers. In fact, till date, I still regret missing the pair of trousers.

Well, I can't remember missing an opportunity to make money. But I know that some of us here must have experienced such.

Would you mind sharing with us what made you to miss such an opportunity?
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    Caution! Sometimes you just have to listen to your intuition. Your intuition will give you better advice than your brain. I've missed a few opportunities because I was too cautious.
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      Yes big style when I got involved in financial trading three
      years ago & the guy who taught me clearly said that there
      was something not right with the banking sector & to be on
      the short side & to spread sell & hold.

      Unfortunately I got out of the futures trade a took a reasonable
      profit, where as If I had held my nerve & continued with the
      trade, I would have made thousands on the short side.

      We all live & hopefully learn & put that one down to experience.

      The Rock n Roll of Marketing Reviews
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        Is 'Too Tall Jones' too tall?

        (sorry, couldn't resist...)

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    I was a teenager when round haybales came out. I saw the problems ranchers were having when it came to feeding time in winter. The old rectangular bales could be hoisted by one man on the back of a wagon, strings cut, and hay spread. But how to do it with a monstrous round bale?

    Being a budding engineer already then, I designed a machine to roll out the hay like a carpet. However, I was only a teen and didn't pursue it. A year later, a rancher in a nearby valley sold his design to Massey-Ferguson for big bucks.

    Lesson learned: Money really does love speed. You cannot wait until later when you have a good idea.
    Kevin Riley, Kevin Riley Publishing, Osaka, Japan

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    I remember that once I was about to register a nice domain name.It was "SeoTips.com".I immediately wrote it down into a paper and though:

    "I'll register it tomorrow"

    Needless to say that the next day it wasn't available!

    I've learned from that! everytime I see a potential gem I register it a.s.a.p

    All the best,
    Cesar Galano
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    I have a sneaking suspicion that I miss opportunities on a daily basis as they are all around us.
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    I lost a contact to build a website for £64,000 once. I think that's around $100,000 in dollars.

    I say 'lost', I was undercut a couple of hours before I signed the contract, by a 'friend' who I'd stupidly told about the deal (when you're 19 years old and a company wants to give you £64k to build their website, you wanna tell the world).

    I still kick myself about it.

    My 'friend', who I actually taught, promised to do the job for £1000.
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    Opportunities are endless, getting each and every opportunity converted is impossible. What matters most is to be satisfied with what you are earning but at the same time, challenging yourself to reach better heights everyday. I think I missed about 230 opportunities today but that does not stop me from grabbing newer better opportunities coming my way..

    Did you like my post? Buy me a glass of milk via paypal! I hate beer!

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    Even though I have purchased and registered for more make money opportunities than I care to remember, I stilled missed out on most of those opportunities!


    Because I never went further than reading and learning. By not 'doing' what I'd learned, I missed out on the opportunity itself.

    I've tried to learn from this, but it still happens to me from time to time.

    Anyone else had this realization/experience?
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    Well, I once made an ebook called the big book of lifting with over 350 exercises performed by an experienced body builder meant to serve as a reference. It never sold, but when I think back on it I should have turned it into an authority site and made it free, but then got people into a list that I could market fitness products to them on Clickbank.

    Wait. I can still do that.

    Well, I don't know. I supposed most my previous projects just haven't quite taken off as much as I wanted to, not so much that I just haven't taken action.

    No signature here today!

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    I used to work with a guy who, in the early 90s, was getting out
    of the Navy, and he was offered a job with some company called
    America Online. He never heard of it, wasn't really sure what they
    were all about, either.

    But they offered him a job, and they said there would be perks
    involved such as company stock and stuff like that.

    He didn't think they would amount to anything, so he declined
    their offer.

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    comes around every 24 hours, just check your email.

    I'm reminded of our Warrior friend Jim Straw, who had the opportunity to invest in Apple Computers in the beginning...I think it was 10% of Apple for like 10 grand or something ridiculous like that. Jim said NO thanks to that one.

    I'm also reminded of the advice one of my old mentors taught me, Mr. Burton Morgan, who said he only invested in things he could control (after turning me down for some start-up capital for my golf business).

    Over a lifetime, I've been next to "the next big thing" on several occassions, and I missed out. I've also been a part of things that fizzled big time...like the sport of horseshoes when George I was in the White House.

    Fortunately, I've had some great mentors and as a Student of the Masters have been able to cash in on a few good ideas and to control my TIME for a couple of decades now.

    Today, there are so many AWESOME opportunities, there isn't enough time in anyone's day to take advantage of them all...so you must pick and choose the ones that suit you.

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    you only remember the ones you lost out on..what about the ones (many more) you would have lost money in?

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