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So I got a sale on my WSO... However, It is under review with Paypal. Are WSO full of scammers or people just wanting you stuff and getting your product? Just curious if this is a normal thing. Thanks!
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    If it was that common not so many people would use it.
    I don't do WSO's myself, but it seems obvious enough.
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    Wouldn't that be a PayPal issue? Why place the blame
    on the WSO system by starting this thread?
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      NOt really placing the blame I guess I am wondering if it has happen to people. Since this is my first WSO I am asking why would a payment be under review so quickly? Is that initiated by the buyer or does someone request their money back? WSO is a great way to test a product out I am wondering what the ratio on WSO refunds or the following types of investigations by Paypal. Make sense? Maybe I worded the first post wrong.

      Dear Shane Hale,

      One of the benefits of using PayPal is that we make every effort to alert you to potentially problematic transactions. Our goal is to help you make sound business decisions.

      A review of recent transactions indicates that you may have received an unauthorized payment. This means that the PayPal account holder may not have authorized the payment you received.

      We would like to learn more about this transaction. Please log in to your PayPal account and provide some information.

      We strongly advise that you not ship the item until our investigation is complete. If you have already shipped the item, please log in and let us know where you shipped it.

      We have placed a temporary hold on the funds until the investigation is complete.
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    It's probably a scam artist, or just a scam loser, no artist to it. The same kind that post a WSO and then the same 'review' from paypal happens. It always ends up that they are some form of scum bag. At least it always has in the cases I've had.

    It doesn't happen often but it happens..
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    That happens. Just move on. You're WSO will do great with honest & ethical warriors.

    In most cases those funds are going to get pulled. PayPal does a pretty good job of catching unauthorized transactions in my opinion.

    Allen is right, scam loser.
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      You will find those types buying WSOs, products through Clickbank, Paypal
      or whatever. They exist in all forms. They are, fortunately, the exception
      rather than the rule. So just put it behind you and move on.
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    Almost every popular WSO here is purchased, often with a stolen PayPal account or credit card, and posted on warez/blackhat forums where people can download your product for free. Unfortunately there's nothing you can really do about it but focus on reaching the people that will legitimately pay for your product.

    I've sent over 60 DMCA notifications of copyright infringement to sites hosting my WSO and other warriors who I've PMed, but it never, ever ends.
    Improvely: Built to track, test and optimize your marketing.

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      this has happen lately several times to me

      in all the cases some form of identity thief was involved

      call paypal and get the actual scoop on this, if its identity thief deal with immediately nothing you can do about it

      there will be more sales where that one came from if your offer is sound

      good luck

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