Seeking Advice: Requirements for Outsourcing Articles?

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I have a question for article outsourcers.

In addition to the following, what do you require when you're posting your job?

1. Original, unique
2. Native English speaker
3. Pass Copyscape
4. Grammar/spell-checked
5. Due date

Do you ask them to format the article in a certain way? (intro, details, summary). I think there's an acronym used by writers to describe this type of writing, but I forget what it is. Oh boy, that's going to bug me all day.

Any other ideas/suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help,

- Kat
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    number of words
    number of keywords included (for seo)

    sometimes I also get them to provide links to research sources they used - this is useful if you need to validate statistics etc...


    nothing to see here.

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    I go by 12 rules, they are:

    1. All the articles are written in good English and avoids any excessive usage of jargon. Articles should maintain a smooth and lucid flow.

    2. No rewriting or private label rights, always make sure that all the articles are originally created and always check them against copy scape.

    3. The service has a speedy delivery of the articles within 48 hours of the project having started.

    4. All the articles are proofread at least once, to make sure that any of the impending discrepancies are removed.

    5. Offers to give an article examples.

    6. Each article should be under $4 per article.

    7. Must have a minimum of 400 words per article or more.

    8. Able to write on any subject.

    9. Has testimonials & reviews of service.

    10. Writings attracts a large audience. By this I mean there is a lot of people recommending the service.

    11. Fast reply and very high rate of communication with you.

    12. No article spinners or automated writing.

    Some are more important then others, but the more the service has on the list the better.
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    I just find someone who is reliable and keep using them. I was using Caliban Darklock from this forum - he's great, and reliable ... and he charges what you'd expect an American to charge. The quality is top notch.

    Lately I've been outsourcing to my own full time people who work only for me in the Philippines. The trick is to interview them in advance, and get samples, and then TRAIN them to write the way you want them to. The only real "skill" you need to make sure they have is excellent grammar.

    Then, yes, I define a format for delivery. For example, because all articles will get posted to EZA by another employee, I want them delivered in TXT format with the following sections broken out:

    Body Text
    Last Paragraph - for the blog
    Last Paragraph - Resource box for EZA
    Keywords - needed for EZA.

    This way my other guy can copy / paste into EZA for me. Very mechanical.
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