Someone is Stealing your Books!

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That is the email message I got this morning. It seems that a competitor of ours is using our books (he didn't even bother to rewrite them and call them his own) as bonus giveaways on his site. 3 books in our original pdf format.
What do I do?
Clickbank tells me I have to file a copyright notice, get a lawyer etc. blah blah blah.
We were first in this niche, convert your car to electricity, and now we are being ripped off.
Is there anyone out there who knows what to do?
It's bad enough they just buy our book and rewrite it and post it immediately to cb, now they think they can just take the books and use them as is.
Before this gets to be a bitch and complain session, I want to just ask for help, convert2ev is my baby, and no one wants to see their baby get stolen.
Thanks in advance for your help, I will be back on tomorrow morning to respond.
Les at convert2ev
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    Well, you could report them to their host, their domain registrar, clickbank, send a cease and desist letter, and have an attorney draft a letter of intent....

    if that doesn't discourage them then nothing will.
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      This seems like such a simple resolution, to my untrained mind at least. There are laws to protect you. The hosting company would be my first call. Then to Prepaid Legal to fire off some letters. I don't sell Prepaid Legal but I am seriously thinking about it as the sales pitch seems so obvious. I am a member and they can be a great help. And a simple letter like this is what the premium is for and they do it with no cost other than your membership needs to be paid up. Obviously this is a business issue so a personal membership will not be sufficient and a business membership would be required. For the few bucks it costs every month it is wel worth it, in my opinion.

      Tim Pears

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    Run a on their website get the info to contact their hosting company and their registrar. Contact clickbank and follow it all with a letter of intent from a lawyer.


    -Alex Kaplo

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    Get OJ Simpson to come over with his gang and work him over.

    Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. -Winston Churchill

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